Hunting in National Parks

Executive Director Diana Melham has today announced that SSAA NSW will enter into a partnership with the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and NSW Government to provide accredited volunteers for pest control activities in National Parks.

"SSAA NSW is excited about this partnership and the opportunities it will create for our members. But we're also thrilled to play a significant role in conservation efforts across the 12 National Parks identified."

Ms Melham said that the three year trial was based on a similar model employed by NPWS in other States that have proven highly successful in removing feral pests.

"This partnership will open up more than 700,000 acres to our members and utilise the skills and experience of our volunteer hunters to remove feral pests from the State's National Parks. We are also hopeful that through this trial we can demonstrate the important role hunters can play in conservation."

Ms Melham said that the announcement is only related to National Parks, and stressed that SSAA NSW remains committed to hunting in State Forests resuming as soon as possible, under the same system used previously by the Game Council.

"We have, and will continue to, lobby for the return of hunting in State Forests under the same system employed both safely and successfully by the Game Council."

Details of the Supplementary Pest Control Program are still being finalised, however members can register their interest by clicking here.

To read the full SSAA NSW Media Release click here.

For an information sheet about the new program (including Q&A) click here.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here

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