SSAA NSW and Devil Ark Join Forces to Help Save Tassie Devil

The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW) Inc. (SSAA NSW) is pleased to announce a three-year partnership worth $135,000 with Devil Ark that will provide support for captive breeding of the Tasmanian Devil, which is currently at risk of extinction within the next 20 years due to a highly-contagious facial tumour disease.

Over the next three years, SSAA NSW will support Devil Ark in creating a healthy and sustainable population that will help revive this iconic species that's unique to Australia. Essential to the survival of the program and the Tasmanian Devil itself are partner organisations such as SSAA NSW that assist in funding costs for the not-for-profit facility and program.

Devil Ark is located at an altitude of 1,350m in the world heritage-listed Barrington Tops of New South Wales, a vast area characterised by rainforest and subalpine woodland which provides the perfect breeding environment for devils who like the Tasmanian-like vegetation and expansive surroundings. The devils are fenced in but the enclosures are so large they're able to maintain their wild behaviour.

SSAA NSW Executive Director Diana Melham said what made this partnership special was the important role both organisations play in conservation. "Responsible wildlife management is all about protecting our environment and that includes the conservation of endangered wildlife, ecosystems and biodiversity which the SSAA NSW is committed to. Any endangered species is really our collective responsibility in Australia. Having already lost the Tasmanian Tiger, we at SSAA NSW don't want to see the Tasmanian Devil face the same fate.

"That's why we're proud to partner with Devil Ark for this important cause and further demonstrate that the shooting sports community across New South Wales is truly committed to conservation management in all its forms, including making a critical difference towards the survival of the Tasmanian Devil from extinction."

SSAA NSW is the peak body dedicated to promoting and protecting the sustainability of shooting sports. With over 53,000 members across New South Wales, the Association represents their passion for the safe, fun and all-inclusive range of shooting sports available today. SSAA NSW also make important contributions to legal and ethical recreational hunting and conservation programs, with the facilitation and promotion of responsible wildlife management for farmers and landowners through the assistance of its network of accredited volunteer hunters throughout the State. 









































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