Sensible Approach to Firearms Laws: SSAA NSW Applauds NSW Police Minister

SSAA NSW congratulates NSW Police Minister Troy Grant for his pro-shooter position at the recent meeting of State Police Ministers and members of The Law, Crime and Community Safety Subcommittee (LCCSC) in Canberra.

The meeting discussed the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) and the recategorisation of the Adler A110 lever action shotgun.

The Minister argued strongly that there was no evidence to warrant changing the existing NFA and that firearms laws should be treated the same as other laws, with reviews based on proven statistics and tested facts.

On numerous occasions Minister Grant has stated that legal firearms ownership is not the issue, it’s illegal guns that are the problem.  He has also acknowledged that theft from licensed firearms owners is a rare event, with less than 3% of stolen registered firearms used in criminal activity.

SSAA NSW applauds the NSW Police Minister for his support of law abiding firearms owners and sensible approach to firearms laws.

The advertisement above will be published in a range of regional newspapers over the next couple of days.


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