Update on NFA Campaign

SSAA NSW has joined together with SSAA Victoria and four other organisations to form a coalition to campaign against the proposed National Firearms Agreement (NFA).

This includes the engagement of a professional lobbyist widely experienced in the firearms arena.

The Federal Minister for Justice Michael Keenan has given assurances that the only changes to the NFA will be those necessary to re-classify lever action shotguns and to accommodate technological change.

SSAA NSW and the coalition are strongly opposed to these changes. However, the proposed new NFA goes farther than this and would make owning firearms more difficult and more onerous.

Members of the coalition have thoroughly analysed the proposed NFA and formulated a joint response to it. The Response can be found here.

The Response calls on Minister Keenan to ensure that the changes in the proposed NFA Agreement, which are not related to re-classifying lever action shotguns or technological change, are deleted.

The member organisations of this coalition are meeting with federal and state politicians to ensure that there are not any changes to firearms ownership at a federal or state level.

Another issue is that some state or territory governments may come under pressure to use the proposed NFA as an excuse to change existing legislation, policies and protocols, which have been in place for 15 to 20 years, to make it more difficult or more onerous to own firearms. There are a number of these in current NSW legislation that, if changed, would increase the burden on licensed firearms owners.

The NSW Firearms Regulation is currently under review, and the NSW Firearms Act is scheduled for review later in the year. Therefore, SSAA NSW is taking a two-pronged approach, working with the coalition at both the federal and state levels to address the proposed NFA and also using a number of avenues to advocate for changes to NSW firearms laws to remove unnecessary requirements and reduce the burden on licensed firearms owners in NSW.

Members are encouraged to contact their federal and state MPs in person or by phone, email or letter to reinforce these messages. To find the details of your local state MP please click here. For your local federal MP, please use the facility on the Australian Electoral Commission website.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here

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