SSAA NSW has lodged its submission in response to the draft Firearms Regulation 2017 and draft Weapons Prohibition Regulation 2017.

The suggestions included in our submission provide sensible, workable options to address matters of concern identified by SSAA NSW and its members, without raising any risk to public safety.  Please click here to view the submission.

SSAA NSW supports firearms legislation and policy that is evidence-based using sound facts and current data rather than outdated policies, intuition, ideology and emotion.  In order for this to occur there needs to be genuine consultation with stakeholders at the decision-making level.  SSAA NSW will continue to push for this in its meetings with politicians from various parties, regulators and bureaucrats.

Unfortunately, consultation on the remake of the regulations has been rushed without the provision of a reasonable period for stakeholders to provide considered and meaningful input.  Despite this being discussed for over 12 months, with acknowledgment of the 1 September 2017 deadline, the documents were released on 7 July, providing stakeholders with little more than 3 weeks to provide comment.  This is in direct conflict with the minimum consultation period of 28 days stated in the NSW Guide to Better Regulation published in October 2016 by the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.  A point we have included in our submission.

Thank you to those that provided comment and input – the submission has been developed using feedback from a number of sources.  Thank you also to those that have taken the time to lodge your own submissions – it’s vital that we have as many submissions lodged as possible – the more voices we have the more effective we can be.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here

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