SSAA NSW met with Police Minister Troy Grant yesterday to preview the final draft of the Firearms Regulation 2017.

During our meeting the Minister gave a firm commitment to continue consultation with SSAA NSW through regular meetings.  These meetings will focus on achieving workable options to address issues raised by SSAA NSW, and its members.

SSAA NSW has had success in having some of its recommendations adopted in the Firearms Regulation 2017.  These include:

  • Removal of the Commissioner’s discretionary power to refuse licenses or permits where the applicant has not been prosecuted or convicted of an offence;
  • Retention of the existing forms of written permission (letter or statutory declaration) to shoot on rural land;
  • The ability for category AB licence holders with only a recreational hunting/vermin control genuine reason to participate in target shooting matches as practice or in competition under a P650;
  • The removal of the proposed requirement that shooting events or competitions need to be approved for individual ranges;
  • The removal of the proposal to limit club approvals to 5 years and retaining lifetime club approvals;
  • The removal of the proposed additional monthly reporting requirements for clubs with the status quo of annual reporting being retained;
  • Change in the definition of ‘compliance period’ to revert to the status quo rather than the licence anniversary date.

However, completion of the Regulation review does not mean an end to our work with the Minister.

In our ongoing consultations with the Minister we’ll be working on ways to achieve the following:

  • amalgamation of target shooting and recreational hunting/vermin control genuine reasons for AB licence holders;
  • increasing the number and variety of matches available for high calibre handguns;
  • altering the current approach to firearm classification from an appearance based model to one with a focus on functionality;
  • repealing the Ammo Bill and the unnecessary burden it places on dealers and club armourers;
  • increasing access to suppressors for recreational and sporting purposes;
  • removing mandatory participation (attendance) requirements for longarms licence holders;
  • removing the restrictive criteria imposed on the approved activities for shooting ranges; and
  • exempting firearms with folding stocks from being classified as prohibited firearms where it is clear the folding stock is required to facilitate legitimate operation of the firearm.

In addition, we’ll also be working on other issues as they arise and are brought to our attention by members.

SSAA NSW remains committed to achieving fair and workable firearms laws that are not onerous on law abiding firearms licence holders, but are effective in addressing the issue of illegal firearms and gun crime.

We look forward to working with the Minister through genuine consultation to continue delivering positive outcomes for our members, the Association and shooting sports overall.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here