SSAA NSW was interviewed by ABC journalist Penny Timms yesterday to discuss the current firearms amnesty and the ways to address the issue of illegal firearms. Penny participated in a Try Shooting session which provided a firsthand experience of the P650 process as well as the chance to fire a rifle under the one on one instruction of Mitch Newbery.

During the interview we discussed the amnesty, and that whilst it provides an opportunity for the law abiding members of the community to register or surrender firearms, it is extremely unlikely that criminals will surrender their illegal firearms.  We highlighted the need for authorities to put resourcing into areas such as border protection and front line policing to address the real issue; criminals and their use of illegal firearms to commit gun crime.  When asked about the introduction of more restrictive firearms laws, we pointed out that this will only affect those already abiding by the law and have no impact on addressing the real problem of criminals, illegal firearms and gun crime.

Have a listen to the interview which aired on the AM program this morning here.

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