SSAA NSW BY-ELECTION CAMPAIGN – ‘Vote for pro-firearms pro-SSAA candidates’

For the upcoming by-elections SSAA NSW will be providing our support to pro-firearms and pro-SSAA candidates by way of a print and online media campaign.

Voters with a firearms licence need to be aware of the views of potential candidates so they can make a fully informed decision when casting their vote at the ballot box.

As the State’s largest shooting body, our role is to inform our 58,000 members and other law-abiding licensed firearms owners on relevant matters that impact upon their chosen activity; this is especially important when it comes to elections.

SSAA NSW sought the views of candidates on relevant issues; all candidates that were registered by our publishing deadline were given an opportunity to answer 10 questions which covered the areas of:

  • firearms ownership and use,
  • SSAA NSW and its activities,
  • shooting ranges,
  • recreational hunting, and
  • evidenced based firearms laws. 

Read the full questionnaire and the candidate’s responses here.

SSAA NSW will be publishing the responses (as well as non-responses) from candidates via our online and social media platforms to inform members and the wider community of law-abiding licensed firearms owners.

The responses have formed the basis of an advert that will be published along with an editorial on Wednesday and Thursday this week in The Land, Cootamundra Herald, The Area News (Griffith) and The Rural Weekly which will give us coverage of both electorates.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here