There’s current speculation about the introduction of a general hunting licence for all feral animals on private land.

SSAA NSW strongly opposes the introduction of more red tape and yet more burden on recreational hunters.

In fact, we are on public record supporting the removal of the G Licence, which is required to hunt deer on private property.  Our members were frustrated and dissatisfied with the introduction of this as part of the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002.  The Act forced them to pay an additional fee for a licence that required no training, no membership of an AHO and was therefore seen as simply revenue raising by the then Game Council.

SSAA NSW supports the retention of the R-Licence model which has been successfully used to manage pest animals in declared state forests and crown land throughout NSW for many years.  We commend the education initiatives of the DPI Game Licensing Unit (GLU).  SSAA NSW is an Approved Hunting Organisation (AHO), a Hunter LEAP Provider and has long been an advocate for this model and the GLU.

When the concept of the ‘Game Council’ was originally introduced in the late 90s, the proposed licensing system required that all hunters of feral and game animals be licensed with the fees being used to fund conservations projects.  SSAA NSW and a number of other hunting organisations strongly opposed this at the time, and the licensing system was modified.

As the biggest hunting organisation in the State with more than 58,000 members, SSAA NSW will continue to oppose further imposition of red tape and unnecessary restrictions on recreational hunters and all licensed firearms owners.

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