The NSW Greens’ latest call for further restrictions in the form of limits on firearms ownership is another attempt to demonise the state’s 220,000 licensed law-abiding firearm owners.

Recent articles published by ABC News and the Illawarra Mercury highlight the Greens bias agenda and willing disregard for facts; they fail to acknowledge that every single legal firearm owned by people who have successfully completed the licensing process is registered; has been pre-approved for ownership by the NSW Police Firearms Registry; and is inspected by police to ensure it is stored securely and in accordance with strict legislative requirements.

Criticising how many guns law-abiding licensed firearm owners currently own is hysterical scaremongering and does not distinguish between the different purposes of use available under the licensing system. People can own a number of firearms for a number of reasons including to participate in a wide variety of shooting competitions; for collection and historical keeping purposes; for businesses or private dealerships; or for security licences. Furthermore, some of the large collection of firearms would consist of paintball guns and air rifles.

The reported comments made by a police officer are not only disappointing but clearly ill-informed.  The current model where one central police body objectively regulates the ownership of firearms eliminates the potential subjective application of the law by individuals who may or may not have personal agendas regarding licensed law-abiding firearms owners.

The release of firearms data by the Greens is a clear breach of privacy as firearms registry data, like any individual’s personal information, needs to be protected for security reasons. This information is now in the hands of criminals who can now target smaller localities and easily identify the homes of licensed law-abiding firearm owners who legally own and store firearms.

The Greens have handed a shopping list to criminals and for what reason?  They will have you believe that the motive is public safety; however this is simply a hypocritical and desperate attempt to prove their baseless theories and push their anti-gun agenda without any concern that their actions are risking the safety of licensed law-abiding firearms owners; legitimate members of the community that deserve protection not persecution.

SSAA NSW challenges the Greens to focus on solving the real problem; criminals and their use of illegal firearms to commit gun crime.

So, David Shoebridge when you’re ready to get serious follow our lead; SSAA NSW is working with the Government and regulators to achieve fair and workable firearms laws that are not onerous on licensed law-abiding firearms owners, but that are truly effective in addressing the real problem of illegal firearms and gun crime.

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