SPC - Final Evaluation Report

In February of this year the Natural Resources Commission submitted its final report on the National Parks & Wildlife Service Supplementary Pest Control trial. After much anticipation the report has finally been publicly released and is available to view here http://www.nrc.nsw.gov.au/supplementary-pest-control.


SSAA NSW was the trusted hunting organisation to take on this program as there was great concern at the time that if it was to fail, the future of public land hunting would come under threat. As you will be able to read for yourself, the collaborative effort of all involved has resulted in the recommendation for the program to continue.

There were a number of positives reported with regard to volunteer ground shooting as a result of the trial which included;

  • ability to deliver positive pest management outcomes and social benefits,
  • can be done safely and humanely when sufficient risk management, supervision and planning are undertaken, and
  • has the potential to be an effective technique as part of an integrated pest management program under controlled conditions in the state's national parks and other reserves.

The Commission has recommended that the supplementary pest control program continue and be expanded beyond the trial phase provided that:

  • the current safety and animal welfare standards are maintained,
  • drawing on the lessons from this trial, it is strategically applied where it can provide most benefit as part of an integrated pest management program, and
  • additional funding is allocated separate from the NPWS' core pest management budget.

Whilst this is only a report and not a definitive decision as to the future of the program, SSAA NSW looks forward to continuing its involvement and relationship with NPWS and remain hopeful that the Government response will be a positive one for our organisation and our members.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here