SSAA NSW welcomes the NSW Government’s decision to continue the Supplementary Pest Control (SPC) program.

 This decision is in line with the recommendations of the Natural Resources Commission (NRC).  The NRC provided its final evaluation report to Government in 2017 in which it recommended that the SPC program continue and be expanded beyond the trial phase. 

 The final report concluded that volunteer ground shooting has the potential to be an effective supplementary pest control technique if used as part of an integrated pest management program under controlled conditions.  The NRC’s recommendation for the continuation and expansion of the SPC program was based on the understanding that:

  • the current safety and animal welfare standards are maintained,
  • it is strategically applied where it can provide most benefit as part of an integrated pest management program, and
  • additional funding is allocated separate from the NPWS’s core pest management budget.

 The NRC final evaluation concluded that NPWS capably and professionally planned and managed the program with the support of SSAA NSW and that both organisations worked well together, which contributed significantly to the overall success of the program.

In November 2013 SSAA NSW agreed to partner with NPWS for the three year trial which commenced in January 2014.  During the trial SSAA NSW was responsible for the training and accreditation of volunteers to standards set by NPWS; the standards were equivalent to those required by NPWS staff involved in ground shooting activities and included firearms safety and accuracy, navigation, first aid and risk management components.

 The success of the SPC program is evidence that Government and membership organisations can work together to achieve a common goal.  SSAA NSW is looking forward to continuing its partnership with NPWS and to working collaboratively on the continuation and expansion of the SPC program.

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