We write in response to various comments that have been made regarding the tragic incident in Western Australia that involved the shooting deaths of several members of a family in the Margaret River area.
Like the rest of the Australian community, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragic event. We note that family members of those involved in the tragedy have respectfully asked that people don’t speculate on the circumstances surrounding the event, and we intend to respect their privacy.
We further note the Premier in Western Australia has stated that “We have some of the strongest firearm laws in the world ... It’s hard to work out what we could do differently,”
A suggestion has been aired in editorial comments in recent days that all firearms owners are responsible until they aren’t, or until they become depressed or angry. Unfortunately, you could apply the same argument to pilots, truck or bus drivers, car owners, pharmacists, veterinarians, dentists, chefs or just any occupation or hobby that involves the use of machinery, tools or medication.
Everyone has a right to participate in the policy discussion around responsible firearms ownership and storage laws, and we welcome all constructive views.
However, this is generally best done on a clear day when all of the facts surrounding tragedies like those that occurred last week in Western Australia are better understood.

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