In early March, SSAA NSW advocated on behalf of all SSAA NSW members and other law abiding firearms owners seeking an exemption and/or extension to mandatory attendance requirements. This was in anticipation of escalating measures surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the closure of ranges and the Government’s restrictions on sporting activities.
SSAA NSW has been in regular contact with the NSW Firearms Registry and other stakeholders around this issue.
We are pleased that the Firearms Amendment (COVID-19) Regulation 2020 has now been made. This allows exemptions and extensions to requirements around this and other matters. SSAA NSW are seeking clarity on some details with the NSW Firearms Registry and we will share these with you in the near future.
Further to attendance requirements, licence renewals affected by COVID-19 restrictions will also be addressed so that members can renew as soon as possible.
In these unprecedented times, it has been encouraging to see the various shooting organisations and supporters come together to secure this outcome for all law-abiding firearms owners across the state. We also appreciate the assistance of the NSW Firearms Registry in their communications and cooperation with SSAA NSW and the wider law abiding shooting community on this issue.
As your Peak Association, we will continue to advocate for our members and provide an effective and credible voice on behalf of all law-abiding firearms owners.

Thank you,

Lance Miller – President

Jai Rowell – CEO/Executive Director

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