Hunting Advocacy

COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on our sport and hunting activities to the detriment of our members, native wildlife and the Australian economy.

A recent report commissioned by the Department of Health recognised the benefits of hunting and the shooting sports for 640,000 law-abiding firearms owners across Australia.

Economic Benefits

The estimated financial contribution to the economy from recreational hunting and sport shooting activity in Australia in 2018, was $2.4 billion.

New South Wales and Victoria are recognised as the two states who contribute the most to this economic footprint.

Health Benefits

This study also recognises the physical and mental health benefits to those who participate in the sport, with hunters are shooters identified as more likely to be active than the general population.

Wildlife Benefits

In addition to the benefits for Australians, hunting also contributes to the betterment of native Australian wildlife. Recent bushfires and dry conditions in our state have had disastrous consequences for our native flora and fauna. This is a situation that has received much media attention.

As a result of such tragedy, non-native game and feral animals will be competing for food and water resources with increasing volume.

Feral cats, in particular, are the most significant contemporary driver of extinction for our native animals (Australian Government: Threatened Species Strategy).

Hunting feral pests protects our precious and vulnerable flora, fauna and ecological systems from the threat of extinction. Strategic culling through the use of dedicated and qualified law-abiding firearms owners is the most humane method of pest management.


A couple of weeks ago SSAA NSW was invited to participate in a working forum to help re-establish hunting activities. We were also asked to determine any assistance the sector may need during and post COVID-19.

The Department of Primary Industry Hunting and Fishing working forum includes key stakeholders in the industry.

SSAA NSW CEO, Jai Rowell, was asked to contribute to the forum and is working hard to ensure the re-opening of State Forests and the restoration of hunting opportunities.

Government is working towards easing various restrictions.

SSAA NSW continues to focus on achieving positive results in this space. We are proud to be recognised as a leading force in the industry with regards to our advocacy for shooting and hunting.

SSAA NSW looks forward to reporting back on the outcomes of our advocacy shortly.

Thank you,

Lance Miller - President, SSAA NSW
Jai Rowell - CEO/Executive Director, SSAA NSW

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