Statement on Game Council

NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell's decision to immediately disband the NSW Game Council and temporarily suspend all hunting on public lands, will come as a bitter disappointment to the thousands of SSAA NSW members who safely, responsibly and ethically assisted the Government in removing feral pests from State Forests.

SSAA NSW Executive Director Diana Melham said:

"Our members are concerned at the potential loss of public access, having invested considerable time, effort and expense assisting the Government, at no cost, to reduce the environmental devastation caused by feral pests."

"The Dunn report must serve as a wake-up call to the Government to appropriately fund any new conservation hunting programs. We would also urge Premier O’Farrell to recognise the valuable role of conservation hunters."

To read the full statement please click here.

SSAA NSW will keep members updated on new developments in relation to R-Licence applications and fees as it becomes available.

UPDATE Monday 8 July 4:30pm:

The following information has been posted on the Game Council website in relation to refunds:


The NSW Government has advised that refunds are available on NSW Restricted (not General) Game Hunting Licence applications and renewals under limited circumstances.

Please note that the NSW R-licence will continue to convey the same provisions as a NSW G-licence (General Game Hunting Licence) relating to the hunting of game animals (including deer) and gaining access to duck mitigation on the NSW rice fields.

If your NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence application or renewal was processed in the one month from Tuesday 4 June 2013 to Thursday 4 July 2013, you are eligible for a full refund of your licence fee.

Please download, fill in all the required information, and submit the R-licence Refund Request Form to Game Council NSW.

For licences processed one month ago or earlier, the NSW Government has made the following commitments:

If access to State forests or Crown Lands is permitted in the next six months, your NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence will be extended for the equivalent time of the suspension.
If access to State forests or Crown Lands is not permitted in the next six months you will be entitled to a pro-rata refund for the time you have been unable to use your licence.

All NSW Game Hunting Licences may still be used to hunt game animals on private land, with the permission of the landholder, and are still a pre-requisite for participation in duck mitigation in the NSW rice fields under the NSW Game Bird Management Program administered by NPWS. NSW Game Hunting Licences will also continue to provide holders with $20 million Public Liability Insurance.

If your R licence application has been recently lodged with Game Council, however not yet processed, you may instruct Game Council to either return the form to you or to proceed with your application.

Click here to download the R-licence Refund Request Form


SSAA NSW provides $250,000 in Development Grants

As a not for profit membership organisation our aim is to provide members throughout New South Wales with safe, efficient and enjoyable ranges for their use. One way that SSAA NSW does this is through Development Grants.

Development Grants are open to all SSAA Branches and Affiliate Clubs and can be used for improvements to Range or Clubhouse facilities.

Since 2010 SSAA NSW has provided Branches and Affiliate Clubs with more than $250,000 in Development Grants for a range of different projects.

Some of the projects funded include:

$15,000 to Macksville Branch to upgrade road access

$12,552 to Gunnedah Branch for extension and cover to Benchrest area (pictured left)

$11,933 to Wagga Wagga Branch for improvements to amenities including a meeting room, kitchen and toilets


$9319 to Gilgandra Branch for works including new water tanks and pumps (pictured above)

$7491 to Sydney Branch for an update to the kitchen at Silverdale Range

$5475 to West Wyalong Branch for the completion of their 90m Centrefire Range (pictured top)

$4933 to Mudgee Branch for a lockable storage shed and improvements to other facilities

$1932 to Quirindi Clay Target Sporting Club to upgrade power and water supply

$1603 to Buffalo Rifle Association to replace targets

SSAA NSW is proud to be able to support our Branches and Affiliate Clubs through the Development Grant program.

Applications for 2013 Development Grants are now open, so now is the perfect time for Branches and Affiliate Clubs to submit their completed funding applications. For more information please contact Branch and Club Co-ordinator Kim by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2013 Tilterweira Youth Camp - Applications now open!

SSAA NSW will once again run the Tilterweira Youth Camp from the 21st - 29th of September, 2013.

The camp is aimed at educating junior hunters and teaching them the skills they need to ensure they become safe, respectful and ethical hunters.

Participants must be aged between 14-17 years old and will take part in workshops on topics such as bullet placement, tracking, GPS use, game meat preparation, map reading and survival skills.

SSAA NSW are also seeking adult volunteers who might be interested in attending the camp to pass on their own knowledge.

Tilterweira is an 80,000 acre property in the far west of New South Wales owned and managed by SSAA NSW and is only open to members of the Association.

For more information or to register your interest please contact Robert on
02 8889 0404 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tilterweira Youth Camp flyer.


Shooters deserve apology from 2GB

SSAA NSW are calling on members to contact Radio Station 2GB and request an apology for comments made on their Sunday Nights program hosted by The Reverend Bill Crews.

Mr Crews' claim that shooters suffer from some kind of "sexual sickness" is incorrect, insulting and inflammatory according to SSAA NSW Executive Director Diana Melham.

"Licensed, law abiding firearm owners are taking part in a completely legal activity, and comments like this attempt to put these good, honest people into the same category as sexual predators," said Ms Melham.

"They are offensive and they are WRONG."

"2GB should immediately call on The Reverend to issue an apology to the more than 200,000 licensed shooters in New South Wales."

"The fact that the Reverend's show is one of the poorest performing on the 2GB network is no excuse for comments like these."

Firearm owners can contact Radio Station 2GB by phone to 131 873 or can make a complaint by visiting 2GB Listener Complaints

To read the SSAA NSW Press Release please click here.


Advertising Standards Bureau rule in favour of SSAA

To promote the nationwide Year of the Hunter Campaign, SSAA have taken out a number of billboards in various capital cities, but it seems that not everyone is pleased.

Recently the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau received a complaint from a member of the public regarding the Melbourne billboard featuring electrician John.

The complaint alleged (in part):

"I believe that hunting is not an acceptable past time to be advertising..." 


"This advertisement promotes violence - the use of guns  ..."

"The placement of this advertisement is particularly insensitive - St Kilda suffers from some of the worst crime in Victoria, and the last thing the community needs is vague promotions of gun use."

The Advertising Standards Bureau then invited SSAA National CEO Tim Bannister to respond to the complaint. Mr Bannister did so saying (in part):

"The SSAA's charter is to promote recreational shooting and hunting in all its forms to the community. We do this in a considered and sensitive fashion. The legitimate recreation of hunting provides food for the table and is a sustainable wildlife management tool for our native flora and fauna. We welcome the wider community to learn more about the SSAA and our past times by visiting our website at"

After considering both the complaint and the response from SSAA, the Advertising Standards Board ruled that:

"... the majority of the Board considered that the depiction of a weapon along with the logo of the SSAA indicates that the advertisement is for an organisation rather than a general advertisement promoting gun use. The Board considered that this depiction is in the context of an advertisement for a shooters' association. The Board recognised that while some members of the community would prefer that guns are not depicted in advertising, in the Board's view ... the man holding the weapon is not presented in a manner which is menacing or threatening, he is not pointing the weapon at anyone or anything and the reference to being a "hunter" is most likely to be interpreted as hunting an animal and therefore the depiction is justified by the service being advertised."

"The majority of the Board considered that the advertisement is presenting membership to a legitimate gun club in a manner which is encouraging the responsible use of weapons."

"Further finding that the advertisement did not breach the Code on any grounds, the Board dismissed the complaint."

You can read the full complaint, SSAA response and judgement by the Advertising Standards Bureau on the SSAA website or by clicking here.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here