Shooters deserve apology from 2GB

SSAA NSW are calling on members to contact Radio Station 2GB and request an apology for comments made on their Sunday Nights program hosted by The Reverend Bill Crews.

Mr Crews' claim that shooters suffer from some kind of "sexual sickness" is incorrect, insulting and inflammatory according to SSAA NSW Executive Director Diana Melham.

"Licensed, law abiding firearm owners are taking part in a completely legal activity, and comments like this attempt to put these good, honest people into the same category as sexual predators," said Ms Melham.

"They are offensive and they are WRONG."

"2GB should immediately call on The Reverend to issue an apology to the more than 200,000 licensed shooters in New South Wales."

"The fact that the Reverend's show is one of the poorest performing on the 2GB network is no excuse for comments like these."

Firearm owners can contact Radio Station 2GB by phone to 131 873 or can make a complaint by visiting 2GB Listener Complaints

To read the SSAA NSW Press Release please click here.


2013 Tilterweira Youth Camp - Applications now open!

SSAA NSW will once again run the Tilterweira Youth Camp from the 21st - 29th of September, 2013.

The camp is aimed at educating junior hunters and teaching them the skills they need to ensure they become safe, respectful and ethical hunters.

Participants must be aged between 14-17 years old and will take part in workshops on topics such as bullet placement, tracking, GPS use, game meat preparation, map reading and survival skills.

SSAA NSW are also seeking adult volunteers who might be interested in attending the camp to pass on their own knowledge.

Tilterweira is an 80,000 acre property in the far west of New South Wales owned and managed by SSAA NSW and is only open to members of the Association.

For more information or to register your interest please contact Robert on
02 8889 0404 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tilterweira Youth Camp flyer.


Wodonga Big Bore 2013

Since being formed in 1997, the Australian Hunting Network website has been the first place many shooters, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts check to get the latest news, stay in touch with friends and share their vast knowledge. And in 2008 a group of AHN members decided to organise a get together at the SSAA Wodonga Range.

"The first event was a small affair, but proved very popular, so it was proposed to make it a yearly event," said Karl Houseman, from the popular AHN forums.

"Given the majority of AHN members love big bore rifles it was dubbed the Wodonga Big Bore Bash."

Having seen the excitement build on the AHN forums for months before the actual date, SSAA NSW Senior Vice President Mark Godwin and Board Member Rob Austin made the trip down to Wodonga to see what the event was all about.

"Rob and I both had a fantastic time at the event, and the SSAA Wodonga facility is spectacular. The guys from AHN were very welcoming and it was a pleasure to be invited to shoot with them. I know we both really enjoyed the chance to shoot some of the big guns such as a 505 Gibbs and a couple of 416's. On behalf of SSAA NSW I'd like to thank the guys at AHN - in particular Mick and Karl - and all the organisers of the event.  This was a very well run, well organised and most importantly very safe event and we both had a great time."

While the big guns are the big attraction of the weekend, Karl says that there are also various competitions held which are all conducted in great spirit.

But the shooting is only one part of the weekend.

"When the guns get put away, the good times keep rolling well into the night with a bonfire and several stories to be told," said Karl.

A familiar face was also a guest at this years event with well known shooter and entertainer Steve Lee of I Like Guns in attendance.

"It's the best shoot I've been to in Australia. Great people ... lots of fun ... I'll be back next year."

And if previous years are anything to go by, it won't be long until the AHN forums start to see talk of the next installment - WBB 2014.

Advertising Standards Bureau rule in favour of SSAA

To promote the nationwide Year of the Hunter Campaign, SSAA have taken out a number of billboards in various capital cities, but it seems that not everyone is pleased.

Recently the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau received a complaint from a member of the public regarding the Melbourne billboard featuring electrician John.

The complaint alleged (in part):

"I believe that hunting is not an acceptable past time to be advertising..." 


"This advertisement promotes violence - the use of guns  ..."

"The placement of this advertisement is particularly insensitive - St Kilda suffers from some of the worst crime in Victoria, and the last thing the community needs is vague promotions of gun use."

The Advertising Standards Bureau then invited SSAA National CEO Tim Bannister to respond to the complaint. Mr Bannister did so saying (in part):

"The SSAA's charter is to promote recreational shooting and hunting in all its forms to the community. We do this in a considered and sensitive fashion. The legitimate recreation of hunting provides food for the table and is a sustainable wildlife management tool for our native flora and fauna. We welcome the wider community to learn more about the SSAA and our past times by visiting our website at"

After considering both the complaint and the response from SSAA, the Advertising Standards Board ruled that:

"... the majority of the Board considered that the depiction of a weapon along with the logo of the SSAA indicates that the advertisement is for an organisation rather than a general advertisement promoting gun use. The Board considered that this depiction is in the context of an advertisement for a shooters' association. The Board recognised that while some members of the community would prefer that guns are not depicted in advertising, in the Board's view ... the man holding the weapon is not presented in a manner which is menacing or threatening, he is not pointing the weapon at anyone or anything and the reference to being a "hunter" is most likely to be interpreted as hunting an animal and therefore the depiction is justified by the service being advertised."

"The majority of the Board considered that the advertisement is presenting membership to a legitimate gun club in a manner which is encouraging the responsible use of weapons."

"Further finding that the advertisement did not breach the Code on any grounds, the Board dismissed the complaint."

You can read the full complaint, SSAA response and judgement by the Advertising Standards Bureau on the SSAA website or by clicking here.

My phone call with Triple J

As many of you would have seen, Police Forces across Australia have announced a two week ‘crackdown’ on illegal firearms starting today (you can read SSAA NSW official statement on the crackdown here)

The focus of Operation Unification is to get illegal guns and the criminals who use them off the street.

A worthy goal, and I’m sure one which law abiding firearm owners would support.

But apparently that’s not newsworthy -  at least not according to Triple J.

Earlier today I was called by one of their reporters asking if SSAA NSW would take part in an on-air discussion about the crackdown.

Never one to miss a chance to hear my own voice on the radio I agreed enthusiastically.

“Of course we can do that.”

“Great” our friends at JJJ said before inquiring;

“So, before we do the interview can you tell us why exactly you are against this crackdown?”

Hrmmm … This is awkward.

“Well actually, we support it.” I said.

“Licensed, law abiding firearm owners want these illegal guns and the criminals who use them off the street. In fact, we’ll go one step further – we want to see them locked up in jail when they’re caught rather than handed fines or good behaviour bonds. Whatever happened to do the crime, do the time.”

Silence …

“Wait, you are in favour of it?” was her surprised response.

“Oh definitely,” I replied.

“SSAA NSW supports any genuine attempt to get illegal guns off the street.”

After a few more seconds of silence my interviewer politely asked if she could put me on hold while she spoke with her Producer. Returning to the phone she tells me;

“I’m sorry, it looks like we don’t need to interview you after all.”

Dumped again with all the subtlety of a Year 10 girl telling her boyfriend of two weeks “it’s not you, it’s me”.

Once I could understand. Twice could be a coincidence.

But given this has happened multiple times I’m forced to confront the uncomfortable thought - Maybe it IS me!

What other reason could there be that so many journalists just don’t want to hear about licensed, law abiding firearm owners doing the right thing. I mean there is more than 200,000 of them in NSW alone who use firearms safety and responsibly every day be it for work, or sport, or conservation.

Why is it that this narrative - the one where LAFO are responsible, reasonable and articulate is one they would rather ignore than promote ??

Sadly it seems that when some journalists call asking for comments, they aren't looking for this ...





They're really looking for this

UPDATE - Despite their earlier comments, Triple J did air an interview this evening which contained comments from SSAA National CEO Tim Bannister. We will attempt to get the audio online as quickly as possible.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here