Federal Government announces violent crime forum in Western Sydney

With the Federal Election now just a matter of months away and the (unofficial) campaign in full swing, voters in key marginal seats - particularly those in Western Sydney - can expect to hear a lot more from the two major parties about "getting tough on crime."

Inevitably, that will lead to a discussion of firearms.

Federal Immigration Minister and Member for McMahon Chris Bowen is the first cab off the rank. Minister Bowen has announced a community forum addressing violent crime  will be held in his electorate.

Mr Bowen, in a letter to his constituents, says:

"There have been almost 200 shootings in NSW in the last two years, most in Western Sydney. Although law and order is mainly a State Government issue, the safety of the public should be the most important goal ..."

Once again it is disappointing to see that no distinction has been made between the thousands of licensed, law abiding firearm owners who use their guns responsibly and the criminals with illegal guns.

If you live in the McMahon electorate and would like to attend the forum the details are:

Wednesday 27 March
7:00 - 9:00pm
Smithfield RSL (cnr Cumberland Highway and Neville Street Smithfield)

Please note it is necessary to RSVP to Minister Bowen's office on 02 9604 0710 by Friday 22 March.

Licensed firearm owners want all levels of Government to get serious about the issue of illegal gun crime. But placing further restrictions on law abiding firearm owners is not the answer.

Are you going to attend the forum? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SSAA Illawarra Branch help Clean up Australia

Seventeen members of SSAA Illawarra Branch braved the bad weather over the weekend to participate in the 25th Clean up Australia Day on Sunday March 3rd.

SSAA Illawarra Branch President Alois said that the Branch regularly participate in various community events including the Wollongong Rise and Shine Cleanup where they have been involved for more than ten years. The Branch has even received an Environmental Award for their continued participation.

Congratulations to the members of SSAA Illawarra Branch. Keep up the great work !!

If your Branch is active in the local community, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can spread the word across the State.

New laws just won't work.

Despite a strong campaign by licensed, law abiding shooters in 2012, the NSW Government pushed ahead with their Firearms Amendment (Ammunition Control) Bill which even NSW Government MP's admit will not stop crime.

Just ELEVEN days out from the start of these changes we have finally been told the extent of the new laws.

And it's worse than we thought.

Click on this link for a fact sheet about some of the major changes.

SSAA NSW is urging all members to contact their local MP and tell them these just won't work.

You can use the SSAA NSW Action Centre to find contact details for all 93 NSW MPs. Call, email, even Tweet them and let them know licensed, law abiding firearm owners should not be punished for the actions of criminals with illegal guns.

We only have 11 days before these changes become law, so ACT TODAY. Tell your shooting friends and families to contact their local MPs and make your voice heard.

Click here to read the SSAA NSW media release 'Changes to ammunition sales put safety at risk'.

Victory (for now) but campaign continues

As we reported last week, the NSW Firearms Registry had recently posted the details of the controversial Ammunition Control Bill 2012 on their website and the details were worse than shooters first thought.

Not only did the new regulations require firearms dealers to record the names and addresses of all licensed firearm owners when purchasing ammunition, there were also extensive changes to the PTA system.

Yesterday we were relieved to see that all mention of these changes had been removed from the Firearms Registry website, however this morning a senior NSW Government staff member has been quoted as saying the "regulations would not change."

Clearly the NSW Government and NSW Firearms Registry aren't on the same page when it comes to these ridiculous changes.

So, while we may have won a reprieve for now, it's important that we let local MPs know that these changes just won't work.

These proposed changes represent ANOTHER burden on licensed, law abiding firearm owners. Worse still, they won't be effective in stopping a single crime.

NSW firearm owners already abide by some of the strictest gun laws in Australia, and adding new restrictions will change nothing.

Gun owners and non gun owners alike deserve a Government who will take meaningful action to reduce crime.

SSAA NSW is ready and willing to work with the NSW Government on sensible and effective laws that get illegal guns off the street, but we won't support laws that further restrict law abiding shooters.

The campaign has already caused the Government to delay these ridiculous laws. It's working. And now is not the time to rest.

We need members to contact their local MP and let them know that imposing more restrictions on licensed, law abiding shooters won't stop a single crime.

You can use the SSAA NSW Action Centre to find the contact details for your local MP. You can also see the number of other SSAA NSW members who live in your area.


Safe Shooting Instructors on target

We recently received a Twitter message from a new SSAA NSW member who had recently completed the Safe Shooting course at
St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre.

We caught up with Robert to find out what he thought about the course.

SSAA NSW - Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Robert - My family used to have a farm and we would regularly shoot there all the time. But when we sold the property and moved back to Sydney my Dad handed the firearms in. For the last couple of years I've been thinking about getting back into the sport, and some of my friends recommended I join the SSAA.

SSAA NSW - So you recently did the Safe Shooting Course at the St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre. How did you find that?

Robert - It was great. Our instructor, Col, wasn't there just to make you a safe shooter. He also emphasised the importance of being a good ambassador for the sport. He encouraged us to talk to others about the sport and get them involved. It was also great to see people of all different ages and backgrounds doing the course.

SSAA NSW - So now that you have completed the Safe Shooting course, you're on your way to getting your firearms licence. What do you hope to do?

Robert - I definitely would like to do some target shooting, and try a few of the different disciplines offered by the SSAA, and if the opportunity arises maybe I'll look at doing some recreational hunting as well.

SSAA NSW - All the best with it Robert.

SSAA NSW has more than 160 safe shooting instructors based throughout the State. Check out our Safe Shooting Instructors page to find one close to you.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here

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