SSAA NSW says Ammo Bill #wontworkbarry

Despite a strong campaign by SSAA NSW and our members, combined with thousands of law abiding firearm owners from around the State, the NSW Government have passed the Firearms Amendment (Ammunition Control) Bill 2012.

SSAA NSW Executive Director Diana Melham says that many Government MPs have publicly acknowledged the Bill won’t work.

“SSAA NSW President Paul McNabb and I met with more than 15 local MPs to express our strong opposition to this Bill.”

“Let’s be clear – no one wants illegal firearms and the criminals who use them off the street more than law abiding firearm owners. That’s why we gave our complete support to the Premier’s proposal for tougher sentences for criminals using illegal guns. But this Bill just won’t work.”

Even Greens MP David Shoebridge acknowledged that this Bill won’t target criminals with illegal guns.

Ms Melham said that SSAA NSW would now concentrate on lessening the impact of the Bill for law abiding firearm owners through the NSW Firearms Consultative Committee.

“The Firearms Consultative Committee is our opportunity to make sure an already bad piece of legislation doesn’t get even worse.”

Conservation Hunting makes sense

Feral pests cause enormous damage in our National Parks. These pests kill our native plants and wildlife, pollute water, destroy fences and can even pose a serious safety concern to users of the National Park.

SSAA NSW Executive Director Diana Melham says that the plan by Premier O’Farrell to allow conservation hunters into National Parks is a logical extension of the current system that allows conservation hunters, licensed by Game Council NSW, on to State Forests.

“SSAA NSW represents almost 43,000 members in NSW alone, and approximately 30,000 of them are hunters, so we absolutely welcome this announcement from the Premier,” Ms Melham said.

One of the sites on the Premier’s list, Nocoleche Nature Reserve, actually borders Tilterweira, the SSAA NSW owned property.

“With the Summer rains this area is seeing a massive increase in the number of feral pigs which cause significant destruction to the native environment.

“Using trained, ethical, conservation hunters to control these pests makes sense.”

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