NSW Government to review Firearms Regulation 2006

At a recent meeting of the NSW Government’s Firearms Consultative Committee, it was announced the five year review of
the Firearms Regulation 2006 had commenced.

This review will give law abiding firearm owners the opportunity to make submissions to the NSW Government on behalf of our sport. You can view the current Firearms Regulation 2006 at the
NSW Parliament's website.

Please take the time to read through the current regulations and if you have any feedback please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SSAA NSW will have a strong voice in this Review after successfully lobbying for, and being invited to join, the Firearms Consultative Committee earlier this year.

We believe the Government’s focus needs to be on criminals committing crimes with illegal guns, and not licensed, law abiding firearm owners who are participating in a sport they enjoy.

And an Olympic sport at that.

SSAA NSW will keep our Members updated on this important matter and provide further feedback opportunities throughout the review process, so please check this website regularly and don't forget to sign up for our E-News alerts


NSW Shotgun Team to compete at SSAA National Titles

2012 NSW Shotgun Team:  Darren Macartney, Jayden Roe, Shaun Krzus, Grant Barton & Frank Tagliapietra  


Video from Tilterweira Station

Tilterweira Station is open year round to members of the SSAA.

Located three hours from Bourke, in far-Western NSW, Tilterweira is the perfect mix of natural beauty and prime hunting grounds.

Click on the image to see for yourself !!


For more information about Tilterweira please contact SSAA NSW on 02 8889 0400. 


SSAA National 5 Stand Titles - Griffith, NSW, Sept 8 & 9

Next weekend will see competitors from all over Australia converge on the Dave Wallace Range in Griffith to compete in SSAA National 5 Stand Titles.

Up to 60 shooters are expected to attend the event, with the NSW team confident they can defend the Title they won last year in Western Australia.

This week the NSW Shooter caught up with NSW Team Member and current NSW 5 Stand Champion Darren Macartney for a quick chat about the event.

NSW Shooter - Congratulations on making the team Darren. The most important question is whether NSW can win the Title again in 2012 after a comprehensive victory in 2011 ??

DM - Definitely. We're not giving up the trophy lightly.

NSW Shooter - Great to hear. So tell us how you got involved in shooting ??

DM - I grew up on a farm in Berrigan in southern NSW and was introduced to the safe use of firearms at a young age. When I was 18 I moved to Hay and joined the Pistol Club and soon after began competing in pistol shooting events throughout Australia. About five years ago, when the drought made it much more difficult to go hunting, I took up clay target shooting.

NSW Shooter - And that's how you found your way to 5 Stand ??

DM - I got into 5 Stand in 2009 and only missed out on making the NSW team by half a point. I was devastated. But since then I've made the team in 2010, 2011 and now again in 2012.

NSW Shooter - What do you enjoy most about 5 Stand ??

DM - I enjoy the challenge of shooting at random and hidden targets. Not knowing where the next target will come from adds a whole new element to the sport. I have also really enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in the coaching of junior shooters and the mateships I've formed through the sport.

NSW Shooter - You mentioned junior shooters ... what can SSAA NSW do to promote the safe, fun and unique range of shooting sports ??

DM - I was a volunteer at SSAA NSW SHOT Expo 2012 earlier this year, and spoke with lots of people who were interested in shooting but didn't know where they could give it a try.

So I think more awareness of our ranges, local contacts and information about try shooting activities is the most important step.

I also think we need to do more to address people's misconceptions about the shooting sports and show them, and let them see for themselves, that this is just a regular sport like football, basketball or tennis.

NSW Shooter - Thanks Darren and again best of luck to you and the guys from NSW !!

Practice for the event will commence at 2pm on Friday with competition starting at 9am on both Saturday and Sunday. A Saturday afternoon BBQ is also planned. For more information about the National Titles please contact National Shotgun Discipline Chairman Warren Brown by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact SSAA NSW on 02 8889 0400.

Good luck to all the competitors (especially those wearing NSW Blue!!)


Junior Development Program - St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre

Are you between 12-17 years of age ?? 

Do you want to take part in a safe, fun and unique Olympic sport ??

If you answered yes to both of these questions then why not consider enrolling in the Junior Development Program at St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre.

The next intake of our successful program will commence on August 25th and runs for five weeks.

Juniors will be instructed in the safe use of firearms and receive guidance and coaching from our trained instructors.

For more information on the program or to register your details please contact St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre on 02 8889 0406


Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here