State Titles and National Championships Postponed

Dear Members,

SSAA NSW have developed the following policy model for responses to COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The World Health Organisation has declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Governments all over the world, including the Australian and NSW Government, are responding to its rapid spread. We are advised that although this new strain of virus has been likened to the flu, it is much more contagious and appears to have a higher mortality rate. As a new virus, at present, the worldwide population has minimal immunity.

The Government and Chief Medical Officer’s responses are rapidly changing and increasing in severity, with new containment measures being introduced multiple times a week. During this escalation phase, any containment measure decision we make is likely to be overtaken by Government measures very quickly.

The US has announced a ban on non-essential meetings of over 10 people – that is very likely to occur in Australia. The UK is considering quarantining people over the age of 70 for four months and other countries have quarantined entire populations.

SSAA NSW continues to monitor the situation around the clock and is in contact with relevant authorities. Like all other law-abiding and responsible Organisations, we are following advice.

The pandemic will subside and Government and health restrictions will eventually be eased. At that time, we can make plans for SHOT Expo, State Titles, National Championships and other operations affecting our ranges and Branches.

Until such time when our government considers the virus to be manageable, SSAA NSW has made the following decisions to protect our volunteers, competitors and our members as well as the broader community.

We hope these decisions will provide direction and consistency for our members as we all manage our response to the Pandemic:

1. All State Title shoots will be postponed until further notice.

2. All National Championship shoots being held in NSW will be postponed until further notice. Consultation with National Discipline Chairmen for positive outcomes will begin immediately.

Additionally, SSAA National Executive have implemented that beginning Monday 16th March, SSAA will not send teams overseas to compete in events, whilst the virus maintains its Pandemic status. It is highly unlikely that travel insurance would be available, and many countries are stopping or considering stopping flights already.

As we are attempting to make decisions that will comply with future Government directives, we believe that future decisions will have more lead time. We hope to ensure that members travelling to compete, who require accommodation, will have time to organise bookings or cancel bookings with satisfactory notice.

SSAA NSW apologises to the competition organisers, host branches and the competitors wanting to attend planned State Titles being held this weekend and soon thereafter, as well as to those organising and competing in upcoming NSW-based National Championships.

We thank you for your understanding regarding decisions that are being made in the interests of public safety and are beyond our control. SSAA NSW will continue to communicate any changes early, to mitigate impacts to our sport and activities.

Everyone is in this together and updates will continue to be provided as they come to hand.

Last week, SSAA NSW took the proactive step of formally seeking advice from the NSW Firearms Registry in relation to attendance compliance. The initial response received over the weekend appears positive and once formal advice is received from the NSW Firearms Registry, we will communicate this to all members.

Thank you for doing your part in ensuring a healthy Australia and protecting our sport and activities.

Thank you,

Lance Miller - President, SSAA NSW
Jai Rowel - CEO, SSAA NSW




It is with regret that we announce the postponement of the 2020 SHOT Expo in June at Rosehill Racecourse.

The SSAA NSW Board with the CEO have been meeting regularly over the last few weeks regarding the hosting of the event, along with SSAA National and the promoter Level Up Events. SSAA NSW has, on a daily basis, monitored worldwide events relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and noted the cancellation of events including the Easter Show, other Expos and of course sporting events.

At all times our consideration has focussed firstly on the safety our members, volunteers, staff, exhibitors and the general public. The World Health Organisation suggests that “infections can be transmitted during a mass gathering, during transit to and from the event, and in participants’ home communities upon their return”. Based on statistics from our previous SHOT Expos, we anticipate large numbers and high crowd density, which increases the risk of potential infection and the draining of much needed health resources.

The cost to stage the Shot Expo is in the range of $500,000 - $600,000. SSAA NSW takes the management of the Association’s and members' funds seriously and making this decision now avoids significant financial loss due to last-minute cancellation.

The situation has been developing rapidly. The Australian and NSW Government have now banned all non-essential gatherings of 500 people or more. SSAA NSW follows the advice of Government, the Chief Medical Officer and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

As a result of the Government ban and our own deliberations, the SSAA SHOT Expo is now postponed. We are in discussions with our promoter and venue provider as to potential new dates and will advise in due course.

We thank our Members and industry partners for your patience and understanding at this time as we manage the impact of this pandemic on Shot Expo and other scheduled events. SSAA NSW will provide refunds for those who had already purchased tickets.

Although this is not the outcome anyone wanted, we will work harder than ever to put on a bigger and better Expo in the future.

To all – please exercise every precaution and stay safe. We will continue to provide updates.

Lance Miller - President, SSAA NSW
Jai Rowell - CEO, SSAA NSW


SSAA NSW has been working hard to ensure that law abiding firearms owners interests are heard at all levels of Government. We have also been seeking funding commitments for our sport which is no different to commitments made to other sporting codes.

Last week we reported an election commitment of $3 million from Dugald Saunders.

We are pleased to announce that the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party have committed $4.5 million dollars broken down to $3.5 million for Dubbo and $1 million for Armidale.

We thank Robert Borsak MLC who gave us the good news late last week and has indicated that he will look at other opportunities with SSAA NSW in the future.

SSAA NSW will continue to represent you at the highest levels and our hard work is paying off. We are thrilled that political parties share SSAA NSW vision of supporting ranges and in turn supporting our sport. We look forward to updating you on more announcements as they are made.


A Christmas message from SSAA NSW

The SSAA NSW office will be closed from Monday 23 December 2019 and re-open on Monday 6 January 2020. On behalf of all the staff at SSAA NSW, we would like to wish all of our members a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

Letter from the President - SSAA NSW

Dear SSAA Members and Law Abiding Firearm Owners,

It is disappointing to see another attempt by Gun Control Australia attacking Law Abiding Firearm Owners (LAFO) as opposed to criminals.

It is true licenced shooters are at record levels, it is also true that other sports are at records and the reason is our population has increased. It is only logical that legally owned firearms would increase also. Three percent (3%) of NSW are law abiding firearm owners (242,000 people) compared with a population of 7.95 million.

Law Abiding Firearms Owners go through a stringent process and vetting by the NSW Police. Proper vetting is part of a good regime.

The people who commit crimes are criminals. SSAA NSW only supports lawful use and ownership of firearms. We fully support tougher penalties for criminals including mandatory sentences.

Firearm ownership by LAFO’s means that they have been given a licence as a result of a stringent NSW Police check and been found to be respectable citizens and not criminals. So why target the good citizens as opposed to criminals.

With over 56,000 members one of SSAA NSW key objectives is to protect, preserve and promote the shooting sport for law abiding firearm owners. SSAA NSW will always stand up for law abiding firearm owners and call out sensationalism used merely as a tactic for a private political agenda.

The debate shouldn’t be about law abiding citizens it should be about criminals.

SSAA NSW works proactively to increase training to set higher standards and benefit the community. SSAA NSW trains many Government Departments for their every day work and in some instances the very same LAFO’s being attacked today assist with the important work in feral pest eradication and other operations.

SSAA NSW works productively and advocates for safety and evidenced based law reform that does not impact on LAFO’s. We will continue to advocate in this way to the highest levels of the political process including Government, Opposition and the Cross Bench.

Our work has been recognised by Government and some political parties with the signing of an MOU with National Parks and Wildlife Service to continue for a further three (3) years the Supplementary Pest Control Program, the election commitment of two political parties for over $3 million to increase the shooting sports in regional NSW to be ran by SSAA NSW and we were recently asked by the Government to consider providing additional training programs.

If we were all terrible people, Government would not ask for our assistance, various political parties would not make election commitments to SSAA NSW and of course NSW Police would not issue licences for firearm use and ownership.

It is time that a bit of common sense prevailed.

Today, the politics of sensationalism was promoted by Gun Control Australia not the various political parties. We have been working to a policy of engaging within a process including education awareness which has seen some recent successes. There is much more to do and no LAFO should fall in the trap of the tactics utilised today.

All LAFO’s standing together will ensure that feeble attacks on us fail.

Yours Sincerely,

Lance Miller

President – SSAA NSW

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