The NSW Greens’ latest call for further restrictions in the form of limits on firearms ownership is another attempt to demonise the state’s 220,000 licensed law-abiding firearm owners.

Recent articles published by ABC News and the Illawarra Mercury highlight the Greens bias agenda and willing disregard for facts; they fail to acknowledge that every single legal firearm owned by people who have successfully completed the licensing process is registered; has been pre-approved for ownership by the NSW Police Firearms Registry; and is inspected by police to ensure it is stored securely and in accordance with strict legislative requirements.

Criticising how many guns law-abiding licensed firearm owners currently own is hysterical scaremongering and does not distinguish between the different purposes of use available under the licensing system. People can own a number of firearms for a number of reasons including to participate in a wide variety of shooting competitions; for collection and historical keeping purposes; for businesses or private dealerships; or for security licences. Furthermore, some of the large collection of firearms would consist of paintball guns and air rifles.

The reported comments made by a police officer are not only disappointing but clearly ill-informed.  The current model where one central police body objectively regulates the ownership of firearms eliminates the potential subjective application of the law by individuals who may or may not have personal agendas regarding licensed law-abiding firearms owners.

The release of firearms data by the Greens is a clear breach of privacy as firearms registry data, like any individual’s personal information, needs to be protected for security reasons. This information is now in the hands of criminals who can now target smaller localities and easily identify the homes of licensed law-abiding firearm owners who legally own and store firearms.

The Greens have handed a shopping list to criminals and for what reason?  They will have you believe that the motive is public safety; however this is simply a hypocritical and desperate attempt to prove their baseless theories and push their anti-gun agenda without any concern that their actions are risking the safety of licensed law-abiding firearms owners; legitimate members of the community that deserve protection not persecution.

SSAA NSW challenges the Greens to focus on solving the real problem; criminals and their use of illegal firearms to commit gun crime.

So, David Shoebridge when you’re ready to get serious follow our lead; SSAA NSW is working with the Government and regulators to achieve fair and workable firearms laws that are not onerous on licensed law-abiding firearms owners, but that are truly effective in addressing the real problem of illegal firearms and gun crime.


There’s current speculation about the introduction of a general hunting licence for all feral animals on private land.

SSAA NSW strongly opposes the introduction of more red tape and yet more burden on recreational hunters.

In fact, we are on public record supporting the removal of the G Licence, which is required to hunt deer on private property.  Our members were frustrated and dissatisfied with the introduction of this as part of the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002.  The Act forced them to pay an additional fee for a licence that required no training, no membership of an AHO and was therefore seen as simply revenue raising by the then Game Council.

SSAA NSW supports the retention of the R-Licence model which has been successfully used to manage pest animals in declared state forests and crown land throughout NSW for many years.  We commend the education initiatives of the DPI Game Licensing Unit (GLU).  SSAA NSW is an Approved Hunting Organisation (AHO), a Hunter LEAP Provider and has long been an advocate for this model and the GLU.

When the concept of the ‘Game Council’ was originally introduced in the late 90s, the proposed licensing system required that all hunters of feral and game animals be licensed with the fees being used to fund conservations projects.  SSAA NSW and a number of other hunting organisations strongly opposed this at the time, and the licensing system was modified.

As the biggest hunting organisation in the State with more than 58,000 members, SSAA NSW will continue to oppose further imposition of red tape and unnecessary restrictions on recreational hunters and all licensed firearms owners.


SSAA NSW was interviewed by ABC journalist Penny Timms yesterday to discuss the current firearms amnesty and the ways to address the issue of illegal firearms. Penny participated in a Try Shooting session which provided a firsthand experience of the P650 process as well as the chance to fire a rifle under the one on one instruction of Mitch Newbery.

During the interview we discussed the amnesty, and that whilst it provides an opportunity for the law abiding members of the community to register or surrender firearms, it is extremely unlikely that criminals will surrender their illegal firearms.  We highlighted the need for authorities to put resourcing into areas such as border protection and front line policing to address the real issue; criminals and their use of illegal firearms to commit gun crime.  When asked about the introduction of more restrictive firearms laws, we pointed out that this will only affect those already abiding by the law and have no impact on addressing the real problem of criminals, illegal firearms and gun crime.

Have a listen to the interview which aired on the AM program this morning here.

SSAA NSW BY-ELECTION CAMPAIGN – ‘Vote for pro-firearms pro-SSAA candidates’

For the upcoming by-elections SSAA NSW will be providing our support to pro-firearms and pro-SSAA candidates by way of a print and online media campaign.

Voters with a firearms licence need to be aware of the views of potential candidates so they can make a fully informed decision when casting their vote at the ballot box.

As the State’s largest shooting body, our role is to inform our 58,000 members and other law-abiding licensed firearms owners on relevant matters that impact upon their chosen activity; this is especially important when it comes to elections.

SSAA NSW sought the views of candidates on relevant issues; all candidates that were registered by our publishing deadline were given an opportunity to answer 10 questions which covered the areas of:

  • firearms ownership and use,
  • SSAA NSW and its activities,
  • shooting ranges,
  • recreational hunting, and
  • evidenced based firearms laws. 

Read the full questionnaire and the candidate’s responses here.

SSAA NSW will be publishing the responses (as well as non-responses) from candidates via our online and social media platforms to inform members and the wider community of law-abiding licensed firearms owners.

The responses have formed the basis of an advert that will be published along with an editorial on Wednesday and Thursday this week in The Land, Cootamundra Herald, The Area News (Griffith) and The Rural Weekly which will give us coverage of both electorates.



After 8½ years as President of SSAA NSW, Paul McNabb has decided to retire.

The SSAA NSW Board has appointed Board Member Lance Miller to fill the casual vacancy until the 2018 SSAA NSW Annual General Meeting.

During Paul’s time as President the various Boards have taken SSAA NSW to a new level of growth and professionalism; the Board was tasked with developing innovative ideas, strategic plans, range additions and improvements, increasing funding and support at the grass roots level and new Constitutions.  SSAA NSW is now without question the leading shooting organisation in New South Wales and highly respected nationally.

Today, the position of SSAA NSW is made stronger by our extensive political connections within the State Government, Firearms Registry and Office of Police. Going forward, new President Lance Miller will be well positioned to develop these established relationships to further protect our members and the State’s shooting sports.

Having spent 17 years on the Camera House Board, the last 3 as Chairman and having run his own business for 29 years, Lance moves into the role backed by an impressive resume.

Lance was part of the team tasked with developing and implementing the new Constitutions and is the driving force behind the new communication platform currently being developed by SSAA NSW which will see our stakeholder communication at a level second to none.

Paul will continue as Senior Vice President of SSAA National and as a member of the SSAA Insurance Brokers Board.

The SSAA NSW Board wishes to extend its thanks and appreciation to Paul for his leadership and achievements during his term; and looks forward to continuing its successes under the leadership of Lance.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here