SSAA NSW partners with Devil Ark

SSAA NSW is proud to announce its sponsorship of Devil Ark, a not for profit charity organisation dedicated to ensuring the survival of the endangered Tasmanian Devil at risk of extinction due to Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD).

The population of wild Tasmanian Devils has plummeted by more than 90% since 1996 when the first case of DFTD was discovered. In 2009, Devil Ark joined an innovative captive breeding program to save the Tasmanian Devil from becoming extinct.

SSAA NSW has continually promoted the importance of conservation, ethical hunting and the important role played by its members in protecting the environment as well as our native and endangered species.

Through its Hunting & Conservation Program, SSAA NSW provides hunter education, training and accreditation as well as various opportunities for members to participate in pest management and conservation activities including the SSAA Farmer Assist Program and the Supplementary Pest Control Program in collaboration with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The partnership with Devil Ark is an excellent example of SSAA NSW’s commitment to conservation and protection of Australia’s diverse environment, habitats and native wildlife.

2016 Junior Target Shooting Camp

More than 20 junior shooters from around NSW took part in the 2016 SSAA NSW Junior Target Shooting Camp held from Friday 15 to Monday 18 January at the Silverdale Rifle Range.

The juniors, who all held Minor’s Permits, had the opportunity to experience a variety of disciplines including Shotgun, Lever Action, Brenchrest, Silhouette and Cadet Rifle 3-Positional.

Special coaching clinics were run by shooters experienced in these disciplines. Juniors were able to learn first-hand the skills and tips for particular disciplines as well as test their new found skills against their friends.

The shotgun shooting clinic was particularly popular and exciting for the juniors. It was led by shotgun shooters Michael McNabb and Gemma Dunn who have represented Australia at international events. They shared their experiences and skills with the juniors who all seemed to enjoy the shotgun shooting.

On the final day of the camp, juniors formed three teams and came up with their own unique team names: Bunnings Tradies, Ridiculous 7 and Mountain Goat & Friends. They took part in a junior team challenge which involved testing their skills at benchrest, 3P, lever action and shotgun events, tallying their scores to determine the overall winning team.

All the juniors enjoyed the friendly rivalry and displayed great teamwork and sportsmanship. After a close competition, with some fantastic individual shooting, the Bunnings Tradies finished as the winners.

Alongside the practical side of the camp, there were information sessions on firearms and range safety, longarms mechanics and ballistics as well as the correct way to score and replace targets.

Every junior and volunteer left the camp with a smile on their face. Thank you to all the coaches, volunteers and supervisors who gave their time to make the camp a success. Thank you also to SSAA NSW Sydney Branch for making their Silverdale Range available and to NIOA for supplying the ammunition for the camp.

To see the full photo album of the camp, visit the SSAA NSW Facebook page.

Highest individual scores in the Team Challenge:

Benchrest – Zac Payne
3P Sitting Unsupported - Lauren Santos
Lever Action – Mason Williams
Shotgun – David Clarke

NSW Deputy Premier sets the record straight

SSAA NSW would like to congratulate NSW Deputy Premier and Police Minister Troy Grant on setting the record straight and highlighting that the issue is with illegal firearms and not law-abiding firearm owners who already comply with some of the strictest gun laws in the world.

Minister Grant and Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan discuss the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) review at a press conference following a Law, Crime and Community Safety Council meeting on Thursday, 5 November, and urged that attention should be on unlicensed and unregistered firearms.

SSAA Farmer Assist Program launched in NSW

SSAA NSW is proud and excited to announce the launch of the SSAA Farmer Assist Program in NSW. SSAA Farmer Assist has been developed to enable farmers with wildlife management issues to seek the assistance of SSAA members through a specially designed web portal.

SSAA NSW members can now register online for the Program after completing the necessary participant requirements that are outlined in the Complete Program Booklet.

There are three key criteria that all members must meet in order to register for the Program:

  • Hold a current and valid SSAA membership.
  • Meet the competency standard in marksmanship.
  • Read and agree to abide by the SSAA Farmer Assist Participant Requirements and Code of Practice as outlined in the Complete Program Booklet.

The rollout of the Program will be staggered to ensure that we build a substantial resource of qualified members that will be able to service demand prior to the promotion and release to farmers. Once fully activated, farmers will have the ability to post a job online and SSAA members may then apply to help with those jobs if suitable (at this stage SSAA NSW members may only apply for jobs within NSW).

It is important to note that it is at the farmer’s discretion to initiate contact with members and from there it is the responsibility of each party to form an ongoing working relationship together.

There are 7 easy steps to search for jobs on the jobs board. Once you apply all the filters in the ‘SSAA Members Search Area’ a list of current jobs will be displayed. It’s as easy as selecting each job, previewing the job particulars and applying for the job.

For more information visit the SSAA Farmer Assist webpage

Pest Animal Management in NSW - Have Your Say

The Premier has asked the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) to review the management of pest animals in NSW across all land tenures for environmental, economic and social benefits.

As part of the review process, the NRC has released an issues paper that identifies the priority issues and opportunities for pest animal arrangements in NSW.

NRC is inviting submissions from members of the community and stakeholders – feedback will be used to inform the findings and recommendations of the Review.

Recently, SSAA NSW participated in the NRC workshop which was held to inform the development of the issues paper. Further, SSAA NSW has also been invited by the NRC to participate in the recreational hunting focus group in November.

SSAA NSW firmly believes that hunters are an important part of the solution to the problem of pest animal management and highlighted this at the workshop. Hunters are a highly underutilised resource and we have long been advocating the benefits of volunteer hunters in effective pest animal management.

As with any problem, a range of solutions are needed to achieve a suitable outcome. SSAA NSW has a number of ‘tools in its toolbox’ that are being used by its members to assist with managing pest animals across both public and private land:

  • In National Parks – the NPWS Supplementary Pest Control Program is almost two-thirds through its 3 year trial. SPC is proving itself as a successful component of NPWS’s integrated pest management approach and as being the type of model accepted within the wider community for removing pest animals from National Parks.
  • On Farming Land – Farmer Assist is a SSAA initiative which will shortly be implemented in NSW following its success in other States such as Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia. It enables farmers to request assistance from SSAA members for individual or ongoing pest animal issues. Importantly, the control of who participates, when and where shooting activities occur and what pest animals are targeted remains with the farmer.
  • In State Forests – the DPI R Licence model has been successfully used to manage pest animals in declared state forests throughout NSW for many years. SSAA NSW is an Approved Hunting Organisation and a Hunter LEAP Provider and has long been an advocate for this model in state forests.

SSAA NSW will be lodging a submission and will also continue to pursue opportunities to participate in this Review to ensure the vital role played by recreational hunters in pest animal management is recognised and expanded. The involvement of recreational hunters delivers environmental, economic and social benefits not only to landholders affected by pest animals, but to the wider community in a variety of ways

Our members are strongly encouraged to lodge a submission. There is no standard format for submissions; they can range from a short letter outlining your views on a particular topic to a comprehensive document covering a range of issues.

Submissions close at 5pm on 30 November and can be made through the NRC’s online form or via email, fax or mail. Visit the NRC website for more information.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here

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