Sensible Approach to Firearms Laws: SSAA NSW Applauds NSW Police Minister

SSAA NSW congratulates NSW Police Minister Troy Grant for his pro-shooter position at the recent meeting of State Police Ministers and members of The Law, Crime and Community Safety Subcommittee (LCCSC) in Canberra.

The meeting discussed the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) and the recategorisation of the Adler A110 lever action shotgun.

The Minister argued strongly that there was no evidence to warrant changing the existing NFA and that firearms laws should be treated the same as other laws, with reviews based on proven statistics and tested facts.

On numerous occasions Minister Grant has stated that legal firearms ownership is not the issue, it’s illegal guns that are the problem.  He has also acknowledged that theft from licensed firearms owners is a rare event, with less than 3% of stolen registered firearms used in criminal activity.

SSAA NSW applauds the NSW Police Minister for his support of law abiding firearms owners and sensible approach to firearms laws.

The advertisement above will be published in a range of regional newspapers over the next couple of days.


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Calling All Members to Unite: NFA Review Lacking in Detail

With SSAA National still not fully briefed on any proposed changes or improvements to the impending National Firearms Agreement (NFA) review, our position is clear: No changes should be made to the NFA in the absence of any empirical evidence, nor should legitimate firearms owners have to bear the brunt of more unintended consequences based on emotion or politicking.

As a result, SSAA NSW is calling on our 55,0000+ members to urgently contact NSW Police Minister, Troy Grant MP, as well as your local NSW and Federal MPs to voice your concerns and protect our chosen sport before it’s too late.

Visit the SSAA NSW Action Centre for the contact details of your local NSW MP and you can contact the Police Minister by clicking here. For the full story, visit SSAA National.




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No Excuses: Shooters Reminded to Secure Guns in Leading Campaign Backed by Key Ministers

With a record one million-plus licensed firearm owners across Australia, the shooting sports is attracting heightened interest and increased participation rates, particularly among women and youngsters keen to try an all-abilities, equal opportunities recreation.

To educate new shooters, increase awareness surrounding responsible firearms ownership and highlight the importance of security, the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia (SSAA) has launched a campaign and comprehensive guide detailing the requirements of firearms storage.

Secure Your Gun, Secure Your Sport follows years of active engagement by the SSAA with shooting clubs and gun owners about firearms safety. The 2016 campaign also seeks to combat misinformation and educate the general public about the strict realities of owning a firearm.

For the first time, the campaign has been endorsed by New South Wales Deputy Premier and Police Minister Troy Grant and commended by Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan.

Minister Keenan said: “Initiatives such as the Secure Your Gun, Secure Your Sport campaign are to be commended for publicising the need for the safe and responsible ownership of firearms.”

Deputy Premier Grant said: “Safe storage of firearms is an important issue nationally and in New South Wales, where there are so many law-abiding sporting shooters and hunters who are committed to doing the right thing. I have always said legal firearm ownership is not the problem we face – illegal guns are the problem – so any education campaign that supports responsible gun ownership has my backing.”

SSAA National Media Officer Kate Fantinel said the campaign aims to promote firearms safety and reiterates just how seriously licensed firearm owners take their chosen recreation. “Theft from licensed firearm owners is thankfully a rare event, with less than three per cent of stolen firearms recorded in criminal use,” she said. “However, the security of a firearm is the sole responsibility of the owner and the SSAA has a proud history of educating our members and the broader community on the importance of safe firearms storage.

“Our Secure Your Gun, Secure Your Sport campaign is also part of a wider education campaign to address some unfounded concerns regarding the number of registered firearms a licensed shooter may own. These firearms, which have been approved by police and have passed Customs import tests, pose no threat as they are in the right hands of law-abiding owners.

“With the support of Minister Keenan and Deputy Premier Grant, we call on all licensed firearm owners, both new and seasoned shooters, to store their firearms appropriately and encourage other shooters to do the same.”

For more information regarding the storage and transportation of firearms, including on flights and importing or exporting items through Customs, as well as the contact details for each firearms registry, visit View the Secure Your Gun, Secure Your Sport brochure at


Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here