Pest Animal Management in NSW - Have Your Say

The Premier has asked the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) to review the management of pest animals in NSW across all land tenures for environmental, economic and social benefits.

As part of the review process, the NRC has released an issues paper that identifies the priority issues and opportunities for pest animal arrangements in NSW.

NRC is inviting submissions from members of the community and stakeholders – feedback will be used to inform the findings and recommendations of the Review.

Recently, SSAA NSW participated in the NRC workshop which was held to inform the development of the issues paper. Further, SSAA NSW has also been invited by the NRC to participate in the recreational hunting focus group in November.

SSAA NSW firmly believes that hunters are an important part of the solution to the problem of pest animal management and highlighted this at the workshop. Hunters are a highly underutilised resource and we have long been advocating the benefits of volunteer hunters in effective pest animal management.

As with any problem, a range of solutions are needed to achieve a suitable outcome. SSAA NSW has a number of ‘tools in its toolbox’ that are being used by its members to assist with managing pest animals across both public and private land:

  • In National Parks – the NPWS Supplementary Pest Control Program is almost two-thirds through its 3 year trial. SPC is proving itself as a successful component of NPWS’s integrated pest management approach and as being the type of model accepted within the wider community for removing pest animals from National Parks.
  • On Farming Land – Farmer Assist is a SSAA initiative which will shortly be implemented in NSW following its success in other States such as Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia. It enables farmers to request assistance from SSAA members for individual or ongoing pest animal issues. Importantly, the control of who participates, when and where shooting activities occur and what pest animals are targeted remains with the farmer.
  • In State Forests – the DPI R Licence model has been successfully used to manage pest animals in declared state forests throughout NSW for many years. SSAA NSW is an Approved Hunting Organisation and a Hunter LEAP Provider and has long been an advocate for this model in state forests.

SSAA NSW will be lodging a submission and will also continue to pursue opportunities to participate in this Review to ensure the vital role played by recreational hunters in pest animal management is recognised and expanded. The involvement of recreational hunters delivers environmental, economic and social benefits not only to landholders affected by pest animals, but to the wider community in a variety of ways

Our members are strongly encouraged to lodge a submission. There is no standard format for submissions; they can range from a short letter outlining your views on a particular topic to a comprehensive document covering a range of issues.

Submissions close at 5pm on 30 November and can be made through the NRC’s online form or via email, fax or mail. Visit the NRC website for more information.

Junior shooter's Olympic dream on Prime 7 News

Congratulations to SSAA NSW junior shooter Karl Simpson, who won a gold medal at the recent SSAA NSW State Rimfire Titles. Karl’s story also made Prime 7 News where he shared his Olympic dream and was a great representative for our shooting sport. Well done!

His story starts at the 17:54 minute mark.

Unjustified ban on Adler lever action shotgun

SSAA NSW is outraged at the announcement that the Federal Government has suspended the importation of the Adler A110 lever action shotgun. SSAA NSW believes the suspension rides rough shod over the National Firearms Agreement. The suspension is nothing less than an attack on SSAA members and law abiding firearms owners around Australia.

SSAA NSW is frustrated that this decision was made without any prior consultation or review. This decision ignores the freedoms of more than 800,000 firearms licence holders and voters around Australia and paints them as criminals or potential terrorists that cannot be trusted.

The new Adler lever action shotgun has been falsely and sensationally labelled by some as a ‘high powered, semi-auto weapon’. In fact, this shotgun meets the definition of a Category A firearm under the current legislation. It fires exactly the same ammunition as all other 12 gauge shotguns and is "manually" operated. It is not, nor could ever be, a semi-automatic and is no different from some other existing Category A firearms.

The taglines ‘eight shots in eight seconds’, ‘game-changer’ and ‘fast and furious’ are marketing lines that have been seized and sensationalised by news outlets and on social media creating unnecessary public fear. Furthermore, claims that existing firearms laws need to keep up with ‘new technologies’ are false as the lever action mechanism has existed for more than 120 years.

Lever action shotguns are used by hunters and landowners in controlling feral animals as well as a regular part of many extremely popular target events such as Single Action. Along with farmers, primary producers and hunters, SSAA NSW believes this ban and any proposed category change will do nothing to stop crime or terrorism. This ban by the Government has created widespread fears of other potential bans and further unsubstantiated restrictions which SSAA NSW will vehemently oppose.

In NSW, firearms licence holders must undergo a lengthy licence application process with a thorough safe handling course, training and comply with rigorous background checks. SSAA NSW has always strongly supported and pushed for stricter laws aimed at those involved in illegal firearms activities, firearms misuse and theft. SSAA NSW believes the Government should focus their efforts on increasing Customs activities and eliminating the illegal firearms trade rather than placing further restrictions on law-abiding firearms owners.

SSAA NSW is working with SSAA National and State counterparts to provide a united voice to fight this unprecedented attack on our members' freedoms by the Abbot Liberal/ National Government. SSAA NSW strongly urges its members to contact their local Federal MP and express their concerns.


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NFA Review – Members Feedback Required

SSAA NSW has adopted a ‘two-pronged’ approach in response to the current review of the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) which incorporates both State and National based elements.

To date, information gleaned from the Government indicates that the review will focus on the technical elements of the NFA to ensure it remains current with ‘advancements in technology and changes in the firearms market’.  The NFA Review stems from a recommendation of the Martin Place Siege Review.

SSAA National, in consultation with the State and Territory SSAA bodies, has been proactively representing the interests of its 170,000 plus SSAA members at the Federal level.  Recently, the Minister for Justice announced the establishment of an Industry Reference Group to advise the Government on the NFA Review.  SSAA National has been given a seat at the table and the first meeting of the Group was held on Wednesday.

The NFA Review has invited SSAA National to provide feedback via a submission.  SSAA National is currently developing a submission and as part of the process have been requesting information and input from the SSAA State and Territory bodies.  SSAA NSW has been actively engaging with National on this.

At the State level, SSAA NSW is meeting with State politicians as well as those Federal politicians who represent NSW seats and jurisdictions.  SSAA NSW will continue to pursue all avenues for consultation to ensure our views and feedback are considered at the NSW State level and ultimately to the Review on behalf of our State.

SSAA NSW is currently developing its own submission which focusses on the impact of the NFA on firearms legislation in NSW and ultimately the enjoyment of our sport.  This will be presented to various NSW Government and NSW politicians to ensure that the views of SSAA NSW and its members are widely known.

To enable us to accurately and adequately represent our members, we are encouraging members to provide written feedback. 

Responses should focus on how the resolutions of the NFA and resulting NSW firearms legislation have negatively impacted on the sport but done nothing to enhance or support public safety.  For your reference, click here to view a copy of the NFA which contains details of the eleven resolutions.

Written responses should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by 23 September at the very latest to ensure that they can be reviewed and incorporated into the SSAA NSW submission which can then be presented to the various stakeholders in a timely fashion.  Feedback will also be utilised in any response that SSAA NSW submits following the release of the Review outcomes.

SSAA NSW has been, and will continue to work with SSAA National to ensure their representations at the Federal level incorporates the issues of concern to SSAA NSW, its members and law abiding firearms licence holders in NSW.

SSAA open letter to Justice Minister

The SSAA is shocked by Prime Minister Tony Abbott's decision to temporarily ban the importation of the Adler lever-action shotgun. SSAA National have already talked to Justice Minister Keenan's Chief of Staff to express our displeasure, given that no consultation with shooting groups or the importer Nioa has taken place.

SSAA National will be raising the issue in our meeting with the Attorney-General's office, and the Justice Minister again, within the fortnight. It is shocking that our parliamentarians are once again targeting the law-abiding shooter, rather than criminals who obtain firearms through illicit means, as was found in the Senate Inquiry. SSAA National and SSAA NSW call on our members to contact your local politician to express your concerns with this decision.

Also read SSAA National's open letter to Justice Minister Michael Keenan about the Federal Government’s decision to ‘temporarily’ ban the importation of the Adler A110 lever-action shotgun.


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