The draft Firearms Regulation 2017 and draft Weapons Prohibition Regulation 2017 have been released for public consultation. 
The closing date for submissions is 5pm on Monday 31 July 2017.

SSAA NSW will be lodging a submission and we encourage all members to also submit their own response – the more voices the more effective we can be.

Ideally, we’d like to include points of concern raised by members to maximise our response to the drafts.
So, members are also encouraged to provide commentary back to SSAA NSW for inclusion in our submission.
We will need these by close of business next Monday 17 July 2017 and they should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One issue to note is that we were extremely successful in getting bi-partisan support for the removal of mandatory longarms attendances as part of the initial round of input into the Regulation Review; this included support from industry and regulatory representatives.

The authors of the draft Regulation have ignored this, despite the industry and regulatory support, and ultimately not taken this into account for the draft; so it’s important that we continue to advocate for this very reasonable position.

Multiple responses to these reviews are vital to show that SSAA NSW is not a lone voice – to be effective everyone has to play their part.
We need to make the decision makers genuinely concerned about the views of the 200,000 law abiding firearms owners in New South Wales.

Please click on the following links for the:

There is no set format for submissions if you wish to make comments.  Only comments relating to the Draft Regulations can be considered.  If you wish to keep your comments private, please mark your submission as confidential.

Submissions can be made by email or post, however, posted submission must reach the Office for Police by the close of the submission date.  Email is the preferred option.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Firearms Submissions
Office for Police, Department of Justice
GPO Box 5434

Submissions must be received no later than 5.00pm Monday 31 July 2017.

Copies of all documents are also available on the Department of Justice website:

Inaugural BGR Club Event

The Inaugural BGR Club Event at Silverdale is just under a fortnight away – Saturday, 8 July, 2017, commencing at 9.00am.

So, those of you who may have the opportunity to attend, please write yourselves a reminder of the date, and plan accordingly!

Due to the Range Calibre restrictions at Silverdale, we are essentially limited to Group One Firearms only, so, we will plan to run the Group One Course of Fire, as detailed at 5.7.1, page 12 of the BGR Rulebook, 2016 No.4, as detailed below:

5.7.1 Group One and Black Powder Express: 20 shots Range




100 metres


Sitting or Kneeling

Up to 10 minutes

100 metres


Standing Unsupported

Up to 10 minutes

50 metres


Standing Unsupported

Up to 10 minutes

50 metres


Standing Unsupported

In 10 seconds

25 metres

3 X 2 shots

Standing Unsupported

Each pair in 10 seconds

All jacketed ammunition must be soft point only - no FMJ’s or monolithic solid projectiles are permitted.

For further details on the Events, Calibre and Ammunition restrictions, please contact Andy Mallen at Silverdale Range on 0246 531 440 or Ben Doherty on 0409 831 258 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Reason to celebrate National Volunteer Week

SSAA NSW Urbenville/Woodenbong Branch was a recipient when, to mark National Volunteer Week from 8 May, Federal Member of Parliament Barnaby Joyce distributed Australian Government grants to 50 volunteer organisations throughout his New England electorate.

SSAA NSW Urbenville/Woodenbong Branch President Brendan Fletcher says the $5,000 grant will go towards updating computer and electronic equipment at the range, including audio and video facilities, and construction and power tools to assist with maintenance.

“It will help our volunteers not to have to use their own gear and equipment. We’re very grateful and appreciative,” he says.

“The grants enable local organisations to better support their volunteers by purchasing much-needed equipment, training and transport,” says Barnaby.

“The energy, expertise and time our volunteers give to our community represents what Australian communities are all about: giving a helping hand. I’m glad to see that our local organisations will have this support to continue their valuable work.”



It's time for the Government to get serious...

We all know that the issue is illegal firearms and the criminals that use them to commit crime – this has been SSAA NSW’s mantra for years. We’ve also been calling for the Government to commit more resources to frontline police and border forces to address this issue and get illegal  firearms off the streets and out of the community. The farce that is the NFA and the Adler fiasco have done nothing but further restrict law abiding firearms owners – criminals by their very nature don’t abide by the law. It’s time for the Government to get serious and focus on the real problem. Read Sporting Shooters Association of Australia's call to action here.

SSAA NSW Goulburn President offers balanced view

It's the person, not the gun


Read SSAA NSW Goulburn Branch President Ken Kenchington's response in the Goulburn Post http://www.goulburnpost.com.au/story/4590623/its-the-person-not-the-gun/ to public perception of firearm ownership.

Ken points out that respect for firearms and other people is essential, and invites first-timers to try their skill at shooting at the club's Try Shooting Day on Sunday 23 April, Goulburn Rifle Range on Rifle Range Road, from 1pm

Unlicensed shooters 12 years and over can test their skills using a .22 calibre rimfire rifle, after receiving safety instruction, and are under the one on one supervision of an accredited instructor at all times. Children under 18 must have the permission of their parent or legal guardian. 

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here

NSW Shooter now online