SSAA Gold Membership now available

After months of meticulous negotiation and feedback from our members, SSAA is excited to reveal its new membership category, Gold Membership.

This new membership option entitles you to $25,000 worth of insurance for firearms and fixed firearm accessories - all for just an extra $25 per annum.

The insurance covers any type of firearm, including antiques and collectables, and any fixed firearms accessories, such as scopes and slings, both in the home and while in use. It also covers the firearms and fixed firearms accessories for any theft or loss, and even when taken overseas for up to 28 days.

Members can apply for Gold Membership now, with the $25 flat fee due again when you renew your standard membership.

The option is an affordable choice for our existing SSAA members and new members as well and was created in response to member feedback about how we can expand our member services and benefits. It means members who receive the Australian Shooter magazine as a ‘Shooter Only’ member will pay just $108 per year to include this insurance in their membership.

To see if this policy is right for you, please view the full Product Disclosure Statement or Cover Schedule. Additional information is available on the SSAA Insurance Brokers website or by contacting the SSAA Insurance Brokers (SSAAIB) team on 1800 808 608.

You can upgrade to Gold Membership straight away online or by completing the insert card in your February Australian Shooter magazine. For inquiries about your existing membership, please phone the SSAA National Membership Office on 02 8805 3900.

Attendance FAQs

Many of our members would have received a reminder about the 2014/15 attendance year which ends on Tuesday 31 March 2015.

To help answer some questions members may have, we have completed a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

When do I need to complete my attendances? 
The SSAA NSW attendance year has been assigned by the NSW Firearms Registry as the 12-month period between the 1 April and the 31 March. Members need to fulfil their attendance requirements during this 12-month period.

Where can I complete my range attendances?
Your range attendance requirements can be fulfilled at any NSW Firearms Registry Approved Range. A full list of SSAA NSW Branches and Affiliate Clubs is available on the SSAA NSW website. When a member attends a SSAA range to complete their attendance requirements, a SSAA NSW Attendance Book will be supplied at the range to record your attendance.
It is important that members complete the attendance receipt clearly and correctly, if a membership number is incorrect or absent the attendance will not be registered. Wherever an attendance is completed, it is important that members always retain their attendance receipts as proof of attendance.

Do I need to specify what type of attendance: target, hunting or collecting?
Yes, members need to specify the type of activity they have completed during their attendance. This can be done by marking a T for target, H for hunting or C for collecting on the attendance receipt. If no activity is specified the attendance will automatically be recorded as a target shooting attendance.
Some SSAA NSW Ranges may have an electronic recording system for attendances and in this case, members need to let the person processing the transaction know what type of attendance they are completing so it can be registered correctly.

I have completed my attendances at another approved club, do I need to notify the SSAA of this?
Yes, if a member completes an attendance at a non-SSAA range, they must forward a copy of the attendance receipt or a letter from the club stating they have attended to the SSAA NSW Office. This attendance can then be included in their attendance count.

Where can I complete my collecting attendances?
Collecting attendances must be fulfilled by attending a Collector’s Meeting. Members should contact their local Branch to enquire about the times and dates of collectors meetings.
As with the range attendances if a member completes their collector’s attendance at a non-SSAA club, they must forward a copy of the attendance receipt or a letter from the club stating they have attended to the SSAA NSW Office. This attendance can then be included in their attendance count.

I am a member of another club approved for target shooting, hunting and/or collecting and it reports on my attendances, what do I do?
Please notify us in writing that another approved club reports on your longarms attendances, noting which of your genuine reasons (target shooting, hunting or collecting) it reports on. We will adjust your membership record and cease to report on those genuine reasons indicated in your correspondence.

What happens if I do not complete my attendances, can SSAA NSW give me an exemption?
SSAA NSW is not authorised to grant any extensions or exemptions for attendances. If you are unable to complete your attendances during the SSAA’s prescribed reporting period, you will go on our non-compliance report to the NSW Firearms Registry.
The NSW Firearms Registry will contact any members who have not completed their attendances to request an explanation for non-compliance. Members need to respond to the Firearms Registry if requested and supply any supporting documentation to seek an exemption.

I will be unable to meet the attendance requirements before the 31 March because of Illness, overseas or interstate travel or work commitments or other exceptional circumstances?
If you are unable to attend for a significant portion of the 12 months ending 31 March for one or more of the above reasons, you should obtain documents that will support your circumstance. Do not send the documentation to SSAA NSW but retain it as the NSW Firearms Registry may request a written explanation of your non-attendance.

What if I don’t complete the attendances and I don’t have an extenuating circumstance?
If you have not complied with the attendance requirements of your Firearms Licence and you cannot prove to the Commissioner of Police’s satisfaction that compliance was not reasonable in the circumstance, your Firearms Licence may be revoked.

I don't own any firearms am I still required to complete attendances?
Yes, even if you do not own your own firearms you must comply with all the requirements of your NSW Firearms Licence including attendances. Most ranges have firearms which can be used for the purpose of completing attendances.

Do I have to shoot or can I just sign the attendance book?
For target you must complete a shooting activity at an approved range. For hunting you must participate in an approved club event which involves shooting, hunting or firearms safety training. For collecting you must attend an approved collector’s society or club meeting. You cannot just sign an attendance book without completing an activity.

Do I have to complete attendances under a Minors Permit?
No, Minors Permit holders are not required to complete attendances. Only adults (18 years and over) who possess a Firearms Licences are required to complete the appropriate attendances.

I have target shooting, hunting and collecting on my Licence, how many attendances am I required to complete?
You need to register 4 attendances for target shooting, 2 for hunting and 1 for collecting. Licence holders who have more than one genuine reason need to complete the attendances for each reason e.g. if you have target, hunting and collecting you will need to complete 7 attendances, however these may be completed during the same visit to the range.

I am licenced for recreational hunting/vermin control, I am a member of SSAA and I have a letter of permission, do I need to complete the 2 club attendances?
If you have a letter of permission which has been submitted to the Firearms Registry as proof of genuine reason for your Firearms Licence you are not required to complete the attendances. This also applies if you have your own property or a Game Council R Licence which has been registered as support. Please note: if you are also licenced for target and/or collecting you will still be required to fulfill the attendances for these categories.  

How do I change the genuine reasons and/or the support registered on my licence?
You need to contact the NSW Firearms Registry on 1300 362 562 to discuss making changes to your Firearms Licence. You must also notify the SSAA National Membership Office of these changes and update your details by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling (02) 8805 3900.

I don’t have a Firearms Licence, how do I stop you sending me these letters?
If you do not have a Firearms Licence or only have a Minors Permit, you are not required to complete attendances.  Unless you intend applying for a Firearms Licence in the near future, please notify SSAA NSW in writing and ask that we remove the activities from your membership record, so you do not continue to receive this letter.

Do I still have time to complete my attendances?
Yes, you have until the 31 March 2015 to fulfil your longarms attendance requirements.

Collectors Meeting - Monday February 9 2015

Collectors Meetings 2015 Calendar

Held at St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre on the 1st Floor.

Monday 9th February 7pm - ANZACS 100 Years.

Further meeting dates to be released at the meeting.
Please note: the meetings are open to any current SSAA member; you don’t have to be a collector to attend. All juniors are welcome but must have adult supervision.

You must show your current SSAA membership card on entry.

Any further queries please contact Richard on 4777 4524.

Young Guns 2015

Young Guns 2015 is a program open to all SSAA members aged 12 to 21 years old who hold a current Firearms License or Minors Permit, beginners are also welcome.

Want to expand on your basic firearms training? Whether you're interested in Target Shooting, Hunting or just want to set your own goals, there is something for everyone. Young Guns aims to develop and encourage the sport of shooting in a 'Safe', supervised environment.

During the course of the year, Young Guns will be introduced to different types of target shooting disciplines on offer within SSAA. Including Benchrest, Field Rifle and 3 Position competitions. A bi-monthly newsletter with updates, articles and upcoming events will be sent to participants.

All you need to bring is a willingness to behave in a responsible manner and to enjoy yourself. Your own firearms may be used and club guns will be made available. All matches will be 22LR only.

Throughout the year we are looking at excursions to other ranges and Lithgow Firearms Museum, as well as excursions to learn hunting techniques and firearms maintenance. These will go ahead provided we receive enough interest.

So come along to our Induction Day at the St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre (30 Power Street St Marys, Sydney NSW) on the Saturday 31 January 2015 at 12.30pm for more information and also to try out the competition.

You must bring along your Minors Permit or Firearms Licence. This induction shoot will be free of charge. For more information call Ali on 8889 0410.

Supplementary Pest Control (SPC) Program - 12 months on

It’s been just over a year since SSAA NSW partnered with NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) to provide accredited volunteer hunters to participate in the initial three year trial of the Supplementary Pest Control (SPC) Program.

Looking back at the past 12 months, it’s fantastic to see the success of the Program to date and realise just how far we've come in such a short period, in challenging circumstances…

Read the full story in the December NSW Shooter.

Download SSAA NSW Standard Branch Constitution here

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