Branch Spotlight: Glen Innes – Service Pistol State Titles

In February 2020, prior to the COVID-19 impact on ranges and competitions, the Glen Innes branch hosted the NSW Combined Services Pistol State Titles on the NSW Northern Tablelands.

Anthony Gatti
Anthony Gatti, (Combined Services State Chairman) did a great job of coordinating the 2020 pistol state titles, and the Glen Innes Branch is proud to be working with him and his team to make the 2021 event just as successful.

The weekend was a great success, with shooters traveling from far and wide, ensuring all matches across different pistol classes were keenly contested.

Adam Marshall, NSW State Member for the Northern Tablelands, and Agriculture Minister, also visited the titles in support of the branch.

The grant that funded the installation of a new amenities block at the Emmaville Range was made possible with the Minister’s help and our members have benefited significantly from his contribution.

With the addition of shower facilities in particular, the new amenities block provides overnight camping visitors greater comfort at shoots.

NSW State Service Pistol Top Gun shooter from 2020 was Trevor Rock, here receiving his medal from SSAA Glen Innes President, Evan Brown.

With pandemic restrictions now easing, the club was again able to host the 2021 titles, on the weekend of 28-30 May 2021 (with the Friday being a practice day).

Glen Innes Branch Chairman, Evan Brown, says competitors at this year’s titles will be especially appreciated by our wider community, as we are only now beginning to recover from the drought and bush fires of 2019/2020.

Junior shooter Brendan Rock from Queensland, showed at the 2020 he had ‘nothing to prove’, by taking home a swag of medals.

Shooting in one of the prone or seated classes.

Service pistol as part of the Combined Services Discipline, also includes the challenge of shooting rimfire training rifles.

Pistols were fully scrutineered at the 2020 titles. If you are visiting Glen Innes to shoot in 2021, make sure your pistols meet spec, especially trigger pull requirements.
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