How We Can Help: Range Inspections

SSAA NSW offers assistance and management of any audits, requests and compliance issues from the NSW Firearms Registry. SSAA NSW is committed to ensuring that Branches and affiliate clubs are provided with the right information and assistance in ensuring their ranges remain compliant. 

The NSW Police Firearms Registry conduct inspections on a three-year rotational basis. Range inspection time is often a daunting occasion resulting in unnecessary anxiety for many Branch/club officials.

Range Inspections

We can look at range inspections from start to end or concentrate on specific issues affecting your range.

Our staff assist with:

  • developing risk management strategies;
  • following up on compliance issues that require investigation;
  • evaluating compliance systems; and 
  • ensuring adequate processes are in place.

A standard process for Inspection preparation includes:

Prior to inspection

  • Discuss any concerns over compliance 
    • Template, structural and operational
    • Maintenance issues

During inspection

  • SSAA NSW representative is available to be present at range inspection to support Branch/affiliate club

After inspection

  • Work with Branch/affiliate club to ensure that any required changes or remedial work is done correctly

We can also assist with:

  • Range Officer training and information
  • Range safety 
  • Operational procedures
  • Finding suitable matches
  • Range equipment
  • Facility upgrades

As Range Manager I am pleased to advise that information and assistance is available to Branches and affiliate clubs covering all facets of range compliance and operation. 

Mitch Newbery
Policy and Range Manager

Mitch is the Policy and Range Manager at SSAA NSW.