Review of PARD NV008 Night Vision Scope

Recently SSAA NSW was offered the opportunity to test and review a new product on the market, with thanks to our friends from Nightvision Australia. 

PARD NV008 Night Vision Scope
Picture PARD NV008 Night Vision Scope

We’re talking about the PARD NV008 Night Vision Scope…

As opposed to a true night vision scope that uses an intensifier tube to amplify ambient light, a digital scope works by converting an optical image into an electrical signal
through an image sensor.

The sensor has millions of tiny pixels that collect incoming light, registering the value of each pixel and converting that to an image on an LCD screen.

Compared to true night vision, digital scopes are considered more durable. They don’t suffer the prolonged effects of overexposure when used in direct daylight. They are also cheaper and a good option for those looking for an entry level unit. We found that the digital colour display worked considerably well on the range in the daylight.

The picture in picture feature and ability to change the reticle colour and intensity made for easy target acquisition. Full setup and zeroing took just minutes to achieve a 1 ¾” group at 100m and with that we were ready to test out its capabilities at night.

By the time we arrived at our hunting property to test the unit it was already pitch-black darkness and we were feeling excited. To extend our potential range we also added a long-range IR illuminator just to assess whether we could clearly view out  to distances of 200-300m – we could!

The unit was fitted to a Tikka T3X CTR in .308 but we felt this was probably far too much gun for this scope. It may be better suited to a rimfire rifle.

For what it is, this unit is quite compact compared to other models on the market. Coming in at just 450 grams, the overall weight was actually less than the original scope on the rifle.

While we had a few minor issues in navigating our way through the use of this scope, some extra time to work out all its features and become more comfortable with its operation (including the Wifi to smartphone feature) would have been advantageous.


  • Light weight
  • Compact (without IR Illuminator fitted)
  • Easy navigation menu
  • Wifi to smartphone
  • Digital day/night operation
  • Modestly priced – $999 RRP


  • Off-centre reticle
  • Screen refresh lag (whiteout)
  • Effective range
Guy is the hunting and program manager for SSAA NSW.