Stronger Together

Together, we oppose the unintended consequences of the Firearms and Weapons Legislation Amendment (Criminal Use) Bill 2020.

United We Stand

We need YOUR signature to ensure that legal firearms owners are not criminalised.

This ePetition follows the strong advocacy from SSAA NSW against the unintended consequences of the Bill.

The Bill will criminalise the current activities of legal firearms owners and we need your help and immediate action to amend the Bill. Your support is extremely important, as the petition needs 20,000 signatures for this issue to be debated on the floor of Parliament.

Watch the Inquiry Appearance

SSAA NSW Presents Evidence to the Legislative Council Upper House Inquiry (December 2020)

SSAA NSW President, Lance Miller and SSAA NSW CEO, Jai Rowell, present evidence to the Legislative Council Upper House Inquiry regarding the Firearms and Weapons Legislation Amendment (Criminal Use) Bill 2020.

Civil Liberties

 The Bill attempts to remove basic legal rights and civil liberties under common law.

The Bill provides police with additional discretionary powers for search and seizure of firearms and firearm parts without due cause. This Bill also impinges on the presumption of innocence and the right to silence and directly effects the following groups:



Farmers will be criminalised for possessing the tools deemed “firearms precursors,” in order to repair and maintain their essential equipment.



Workshops, businesses, volunteer associations and training organisations will be criminalised for using tools that the Bill is considering a “firearm precursor”.

Sports Shooting

Sports Shooting

Sports shooters competing at all levels (including the Olympics) will also be criminalised for the equipment they require for maintenance and modification.



Ethical hunters and conservationists will be criminalised for using “precursors” (spare parts and tools) to repair and maintain a safe and efficient firearm in the field.

SSAA NSW lodged a detailed submission to the NSW Government in August 2020

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