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SSAA NSW supports the lowering of the minimum age for minors firearms permits to 10 years – something we’ve been advocating for some years now. It makes perfect sense, especially as shooting is an Olympic and Commonwealth Games sport; one that Australian representatives are very successful at.  Reducing the minimum age will increase the opportunity for minors to develop their skills and enable Australia to grow the pool and ability of its representative talent. It was good to see a relatively balanced article in the Sydney Morning Herald...
SSAA NSW has lodged its submission in response to the draft Firearms Regulation 2017 and draft Weapons Prohibition Regulation 2017. The suggestions included in our submission provide sensible, workable options to address matters of concern identified by SSAA NSW and its members, without raising any risk to public safety.  Please click here to view the submission.SSAA NSW supports firearms legislation and policy that is evidence-based using sound facts and current data rathe...
The draft Firearms Regulation 2017 and draft Weapons Prohibition Regulation 2017 have been released for public consultation. The closing date for submissions is 5pm on Monday 31 July 2017.SSAA NSW will be lodging a submission and we encourage all members to also submit their own response – the more voices the more effective we can be.Ideally, we’d like to include points of concern raised by members to maximise our response to the drafts.So, members a...
The Inaugural BGR Club Event at Silverdale is just under a fortnight away – Saturday, 8 July, 2017, commencing at 9.00am. So, those of you who may have the opportunity to attend, please write yourselves a reminder of the date, and plan accordingly! Due to the Range Calibre restrictions at Silverdale, we are essentially limited to Group One Firearms only, so, we will plan to run the Group One Course of Fire, as detailed at 5.7.1, page 12 of the BGR Rulebook, 2016 No.4, as detailed below:...
We all know that the issue is illegal firearms and the criminals that use them to commit crime – this has been SSAA NSW’s mantra for years. We’ve also been calling for the Government to commit more resources to frontline police and border forces to address this issue and get illegal  firearms off the streets and out of the community. The farce that is the NFA and the Adler fiasco have done nothing but further restrict law abiding firearms owners – criminals by their very nature don’t abide by the law. It’s time for the Government t...

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