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SSAA NSW will strenuously correct the record for misleading statements from high profile/vocal individuals and/or mainstream media and inform members of our actions. Shooters Fishers & Farmers Party (SFFP) elected representative Robert Borsak MLC has posted on Facebook yet another public attack on SSAA NSW – this one on 22 February 2018. Is this the kind of conduct we, as law abiding firearms owners (LAFOs), expect from an elect...
It's that time of year again when SSAA NSW holds the annual 5 Stand State Titles! This year we head down to pay a visit to Hay branch, with the competition starting at 9:30am each day. Nominations are being accepted for Opens, Ladies/Veterans and Juniors. Entry fees are: Open - $130 Ladies/Veterans - $110 Juniors - $65 Grades: Open: AA, A, B, COther: Junior (U15yrs) & (U18yrs), Ladies, Veterans (60+yrs) Please remember that proof of age may be required. Competitors without a SSAA NSW 5 Stand grade will be graded at the end of the even...
Firearms laws are again in the news after another criminal act resulted in a tragic school shooting in the United States. SSAA NSW sat down with the ABC to discuss the effect of firearms laws in Australia and their ineffectiveness in reducing gun crime, and we were vindicated in our stance. Have a listen by clicking here - the story starts at 5.36 minutes.
In February of this year the Natural Resources Commission submitted its final report on the National Parks & Wildlife Service Supplementary Pest Control trial. After much anticipation the report has finally been publicly released and is available to view here  ...
Following SSAA NSW’s participation in the Q&A episode that aired on Monday 16 October, The Conversation FactCheck looked at the question ‘Did Government buybacks reduce the number of gun deaths in Australia?’SSAA NSW had the opportunity to respond and provide further comment to substantiate our assertion that the government funded buy-backs in 1996 and 2003 had no effect in reducing the number of firearms deaths (see Response #1 below).The FactCheck response can be found here.  Despite this not being a truly balanced response, it doe...

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