As a Member of the SSAA NSW Ltd, you are part of an Australian-wide support network and community of law-abiding firearm owners, with access to SSAA Sporting Facilities in every State.

135 Branches and Affiliate clubs in NSW alone

SSAA is the largest organisation representing shooting and hunting in Australia. SSAA NSW Ltd holds a significant portion of the membership base (63,000 members) and offers a widespread community of shooters across the state



Complimentary public liability, personal accident and life insurance cover.

Electronic Attendance

Electronic Attendance

Convenient electronic records of your mandatory attendances.

Digital Magazine

Digital Magazine

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Sports shooting is safe,
fun and all-inclusive

Sports shooting has a positive impact on the environment, the economy and everyday Australians

-Laetisha Scanlan, Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist-

Shooting is an all-inclusive sport, available to men, women and those with all abilities. Competing as a shooter is a test of skill and technique, rather than physical aptitude.

A report commissioned by the Department of Health in late 2019 indicated that Shooting has had a significant positive impact on our country. Figures showed ethical hunters and shooters contributed $2.4B to the Australian economy last year.

-Liz Rymill, Sports Shooter and ABC Newsreader-
Shooting is a community-driven sport that brings people of all ages and walks of life together. Our clubs and branches regularly hold local community based events and activities. A recent report commissioned by the Department of Health also shows the positive impact of the shooting sports on everyday Australians, with statistics indicating a higher level of life satisfaction from sports shooters in comparison to the general population.

SSAA NSW partners with various government departments, private landholders and other stakeholders to develop, participate and deliver wildlife management activities.

Feral cats are the most significant contemporary driver of extinction for our native animals. Feral cats have bred prolifically since their release in Australia and now occupy approximately 99% of the continent, impacting some 142 threatened species.

SSAA NSW was the only trusted hunting organisation to take on the Supplementary Pest Control (SPC) program.

 The program delivers an effective technique as part of an integrated pest management program, under controlled conditions, in the state’s national parks and other reserves.

Through the SPC program, our members assist in safe and humane pest management methods to protect our precious and vulnerable flora, fauna and ecological systems from the threat of extinction.


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