Single Action

Single Action Shooting (SAS) is sometimes refered to as concept shooting competition. Having evolved more then 25 years ago in the USA, SAS has grown into one of, if not the, fastest growing shooting competition in the world today.


Shotgunning is one of the original SSAA disciplines with the original set of rules established in 1988. With the increasing popularity of Sporting Clays or Simulated Field events SSAA developed and adopted versions of 5-Stand and Sporting Clays to promote as SSAA matches.

Rifle Metallic Silhouette

Broadly speaking, Rifle Metallic Silhouette (RMS) is a sport in which rifles are used to knock down metal targets at a variety of distances. Matches cater for centrefire, rimfire and air rifles. The sport originated in Mexico in the early 1950s and arrived in Australia in the late 1970s. RMS is a sanctioned discipline of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA).


There are 6 main events in SSAA Target Pistol (Bulls-eye). The matches are each based around a class of gun. The following is a general overview only – for full specifications see the “NRA Pistol Rules” book , or the SSAA National Guide to NRA Pistol Rules


Within the SSAA, muzzleloading involves competitive shooting with replicas of firearms used during Australia’s colonial days.

Lever Action

Lever Action Match is unique to the SSAA. It is an exciting and popular event Australia wide.

Field Rifle And 3-Positional

Field Rifle and 3-Positional have been around since 1970 and have a large following at SSAA clubs throughout Australia. Field Rifle is a match designed around the most commonly utilised hunting positions simulated under rifle range conditions. 3-Positional is a precision match which is a bit more target orientated and more testing of the shooter’s ability.

Combined Services

The Combined Services discipline initially commenced in the 1980s in Victoria and Queensland, but is now proudly shot in all Australian states and territories. Although formerly called Military Rifle, the discipline has in recent years adopted Pistol competition. Pistols must be of ‘service origin’ conforming to the specifications and class as contained in the rule book.

Pioneer Shooting

This is a revolver, rifle, shotgun competition, developed within the SSAA to take advantage of Australians pioneering heritage. The discipline was developed to promote the colonial period and to re-enact historical events where exploration, mixing of social cultures, searching for mineral wealth, mining and early settlement were taking place.

Big Game

The charter of the Big Game Rifle Club is to foster the collection, preservation, and use of classic big game rifles in competitions. These competitions are designed to replicate (as near as possible) the style of shooting that these rifles were originally designed for; hunting big game animals in Africa, India and America.