Range/Branch Matters – October 2023

During May I had the pleasure of visiting several Branches across the state, who have requested that I assist them in reaccrediting Range Officer Trainers and Range Officers.

Fair to say that I couldn’t have been made to feel any more welcome whilst delivering these workshops, which from all accounts based on the feedback received very positively.

To assist further, I thought it may help by providing information that would allow Branches (seeking RO
training) to consider how they would like to undergo this process.

As you would know, to better inform our Range Officers in terms of current safety processes, there is a
requirement for Range Officers and Range Officer Trainers to complete a reaccreditation every 5 years.

This process is being delivered within an adult learning environment and to better assist me in assisting those Branches that require the training (you), I have two options to choose from.

Whilst in certain circumstances there may be an opportunity to provide this training online
via teams or Zoom, in most instances it is preferred that the training is conducted in person.



(a) Target Audience:

  1. Reaccreditation for Range Officers, Range Officer trainers, OR those nominated (via Branch committee) in becoming a Range Officer Trainer.

(b) Session delivery timings:

  1. Approx. 3.5 hours.

(c) Assessment criteria: (candidates are required to.)

  1. Complete the theory exam 100% pass mark.
  2. Demonstrate safe handling of firearms.
  3. Range Officer Trainers able to demonstrate knowledge of course curriculum and course outcomes.


(a) Target Ausience:

  1. Range Officer – reaccreditation.
  2. Candidates – nominated to become a Range Officer.
  3. Or both.

(b) Session delivery timings:

  1. approx. 6.5 hours.

(c) Assessment criteria:

  1. Range Officer Trainers to deliver the course as per the session plan.
  2. RO Trainers are required to demonstrate that they can communicate effectively.
  3. RO Trainers understood and can apply the current RO Course curriculum to gain course outcomes.

Once qualified members will be issued the credential as a card, with now some improvements inclusive of
Range Officer Trainers now being identified and the card having an expiry date.

Looking forward to your like-minded company….

See you on the range.

Peter Szaak JP.
Firearms Regulatory and Compliance Manager