Branch Highlight- SSAA NSW Wagga Wagga Branch

The 44-hectare Big Springs Rifle Range, wholly owned by the Wagga Wagga Branch of Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, is located near Wagga Wagga in southeastern NSW. Founded in1991, the range is zoned rural/agricultural and is bordered by a National Park and farmland. The range provides a 20-bench firing line catering to casual and competition shooters. Shotgun (5 stand), pistol (9 stand), and offhand (9 stand) ranges are also situated on the Big Springs site.

A dedicated group of competition shooters compete in shoots every Sunday morning and some Saturday afternoons; the rest of the time is taken up by casual plinkers, hunters, and competition shooters looking for that winning edge.

As the majority of our competition shooters own hunting rifles, we structure the competitions so that hunting rifles are competitive. The emphasis of our friendly competitions is on having fun rather than winning.

There is a large solar-powered and air-conditioned ‘clubhouse’ complete with kitchen facilities, a scoring room, and men’s and women’s toilets with hot shower facilities. The facilities also cater for wheelchair access and have a disabled person’s toilet/shower.
Rudimentary camping facilities (non-powered) are available.

A large reloading and rifle cleaning room has recently been added adjacent to the firing line.