ITS: Registered Training Organisation

We are pleased to announce the launch of a wholly SSAA NSW owned commercial training organisation, Industry Training Specialists Pty Ltd (ITS).  ITS is committed to providing the highest quality of safety training in specialised firearms related activities to the government and non-government sectors.

Extensive consultation was undertaken to identify training needs with a view to offering greater access to a wider spectrum of training and education solutions. These will be focused on meeting the current industry requirements, where the availability of quality training providers and resources are presently limited and unable to cope with the growing demand.

Training the safest civilian firearms owners in the world

SSAA NSW provides an effective and credible voice on behalf of all NSW shooters to the wider public, community leaders and authorities. We know that training, safety and professionalism are extremely important in the normalising and acceptance of our sport in the wider community.

ITS is key to SSAA NSW being a positive influencer for all legal firearms owners in NSW. Like our ranges, ITS provides an avenue to show the decision makers in government that NSW legal firearms owners are serious about being the best, safest and most well-trained civilian firearms owners in the world.

Higher levels of training and accreditation

SSAA NSW has established ITS to build upon the foundations of training already offered on our ranges around the state. Once licensed, SSAA NSW has the ranges and qualified range officers to induct legal firearms owner in safety, competency and ethics.

ITS will further the education of our shooters, providing accreditation at the highest levels of safety and skill, above that of a standard firearms licence test.

Registered Training Organisation

ITS commenced operations on 1 January 2021 with the engagement of Guy Pitchford as the Training Manager. Over the past nine months ITS has been establishing courses, policies and procedures and, despite COVID-19 delays, has recently completed a rigorous assessment process by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) for registration as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  It is expected that ASQA will advise the outcome of this process soon.

As previously advised, ITS WILL NOT be competing with Branches for the delivery of the SSAA NSW Firearm Safety Training Program.

Once it gains RTO status, ITS will be concentrating on delivering nationally accredited training courses.  ITS will also be developing and delivering a range of associated non-accredited courses.  As the scope of these courses expands, it is proposed that ITS will offer a “Master Hunter” accreditation which will involve students studying a range of accredited and non-accredited courses at their own pace.

Registrations now open

Click here to download a flyer seeking registrations for an online training course in Basic Navigation.  We would encourage you to circulate this as widely as possible within your shooting community.  Further information may be obtained from the ITS general contact email address:

The first priority of SSAA NSW is the safety of all members, volunteers and staff. As the only peak body in NSW with a training organisation, SSAA NSW is committed to promoting the highest levels of public safety and proud to be the safest shooting body in the state. We are excited to offer this new opportunity to our members and all legal firearms owners in NSW.

SSAA NSW is the peak body dedicated to promoting, protecting and preserving the shooting sports in New South Wales.