Range/Branch Matters – March 2024

Firearms Licence Qualification Course

Late last year the NSW Firearms Registry called for those interested in being a part of the Firearms Licence Qualification Course (FLQC) Consultative Group. The purpose of this group is to update the existing framework that includes the current structure, approval and criteria for course materials and instructor accreditation.

The New South Wales FLQC was developed in 2006 in conjunction with various stakeholders, including the NSW Firearms Registry, and aligned with the standards outlined in ‘Minimum National Standards for Firearms Safety Training in Australia’. These minimum standards were published by the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department in 2006 and agreed to by all Australian States and Territories.

In 2014, a request was made seeking ownership of the FLQC so it could be updated due to numerous legislation amendments that had occurred since its development. In December 2014, this request was approved. Currently, four versions of the FLQC are approved by the NSW Firearms Registry:

  • Safe Shooting Course Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (NSW).
  • Firearms Registry Firearms Licence Qualification Course.
  • DPI Hunter LEAP Firearms and Hunting Safety (Long-arms) Course.
  • Firearm Safety & Training Council.

Most recently SSAA NSW were asked to present our course material and processes to NSWFR who sought the following clarification.

  • History of the SSAA NSW course – changes / developments.
  • Current Learning Resources and method of delivery.
  • Current Assessment requirements and method of delivery.
  • Criteria and process for approval of SSAA NSW course instructors.

Other than course content (Theory and Practical components), it is envisaged that there will be some focus placed on the instructor accreditation, I will keep you updated as matters progress.

Should your Branch require assistance from SSAA NSW in accrediting fresh Firearms Safety Trainer Instructors please be sure to call SSAA NSW on (02) 7900 1555 or email admin@nsw.ssaa.org.au requesting assistance.


During the past 12 months I have traveled NSW assisting SSAA NSW Branches with Range Officer (RO) accreditations and reaccreditations. During this time, I have been fortunate to reacquaint with old friends and make new ones along the way which has been very fulfilling.

This experience has also given me the opportunity to gauge a better sense from those who undertake the RO role in terms of what they (you) see as being important going into the future. To this end in coming months (as mentioned in the field) I will be seeking those likeminded people who wish to be a part of a working group that undertakes to review our current RO and RO Trainer curriculum and accreditations.

I am confident that this process will serve to update our current teachings and learnings which are more relevant to current times and look forward to those of you who are willing to lend a hand.

See you on the range.

Peter Szaak.