Permit to Acquire Goes Online

SSAA NSW is pleased to announce that PTA’s (Permit to Acquire a Firearm) have now gone online and are available to be issued digitally to people with a Gun Safe Account.

As you aware SSAA NSW has been advocating for this change and we are pleased by the announcement from the NSW Firearms Registry. Online PTA’s will speed up the process for licenced firearms holders and provide greater security, as those sent electronically do not need to be posted in the mail.

Please see the attached fact sheet from the NSW Firearms Registry that we have received.

SSAA NSW will continue to advocate for better services for members and all legal firearms owners.

A very happy person at SSAA NSW has already applied for a PTA online and we look forward to reporting back as to how the process went.

We are also advocating for the introduction of digital firearms licences and have already received positive feedback. Watch this space!

Thank you to all SSAA NSW members for your support!

To log in to a GUN SAFE account, you will need to have a Service NSW account or create a new account here…/how-to-create-an-account

Then to apply for a Permit to Acquire (PTA), please go to and log in to start your application.