We’ve Secured a Range!


SSAA NSW is excited to announce the securing of a range in the Sydney basin.

A large number of members live and shoot in the greater Sydney region. With urban encroachment, a second airport about to come online; ranges in the area face the risk of closure.

An increasing population has also resulted in additional members wanting to shoot in the region.

With existing ranges at or near to capacity, SSAA NSW and SSAA Sydney Branch have been working hard to identify range opportunities in the region.

Whilst work is ongoing as to how to secure land and funding to build a new range, we have some very exciting news.

SSAA NSW has secured a range within the Sydney basin with contracts now signed. The range is the previous Auburn Shooting Academy range.

This secures three 25 metre ranges with 19 bays in total that will be licensed for pistol and longarms.

Additionally, there will be a training room, safe storage and a firearms dealership.

Now the purchase is complete, we await for our range approval and dealership licence which will be received soon.

In the meantime, we will undergo upgrades refreshing the Centre, hire staff and put in all the processes needed for a shooting range so we can have an official opening. This is expected to be in 2-3 months time and earlier if possible.

The SSAA NSW Auburn Shooting Centre will not only cater for existing shooting clubs, it will be a premier facility for SSAA Sydney shooters.

SSAA Sydney using the facility will be key to its success and their input to the running the facility is very important.

SSAA NSW CEO Jai Rowell has been unanimously appointed as the General Manager who is also General Manager at St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre.

Lance Miller, SSAA NSW President said:

“This year we will be opening ranges in Dubbo, Temora and now Auburn. Securing a range in the Sydney basin is part of our commitment of accessibility to the sport for all. It is exciting to be opening a new range in the Sydney basin and we look forward to welcoming everyone soon.”

Adam Ryan, SSAA NSW Board Director and SSAA Sydney President said:

“Thank you to SSAA NSW for securing this facility for the future of the shooting sports and also to SSAA Sydney working collaboratively now and certainly into the future with the shooting centre. Securing an additional range in the Sydney basin has been attempted for more than a decade without success due to the many challenges including access to land and the high cost of range development. I am proud of this achievement and looking forward to more projects being delivered.”

Jai Rowell, SSAA NSW CEO and SSAA NSW Auburn Shooting Centre General Manager said:

“I am really excited to see another facility come on line and once the upgrades have been completed and approvals received, I look forward to shooting at the Centre with everyone. It will be great to have SSAA Sydney branch utilising the range along with other clubs who have previously shot at the Centre. This will a great opportunity for all and we are seeking feedback on the best way we service customers.”

As the upgrades occur and whilst waiting on the new approvals to come through which, we will take that time to speak to new and existing users of the range to ensure a smooth transition.

For Clubs wanting further information, you can email the Centre at:


We look forward to seeing you at the range soon!

Lance Miller

SSAA NSW President

Adam Ryan

SSAA NSW Director and SSAA Sydney Branch President

Jai Rowell


General Manager – SSAA NSW Auburn Shooting Centre

General Manager – St Marys Indoor Shooting Centre