Individual Representation for Members with Application Delays

SSAA NSW has long been advocating on behalf of all members with regards to a backlog of processing and application delays with NSW Firearms Registry.

The Minister for Police confirmed that more resources are temporarily being allocated to overcome the backlog. SSAA NSW has been advised by the NSW Firearms Registry that the introduction of electronic systems/technology on their part will help increase processing efficiency.

We have recently been advised that this reallocation of resources has improved processing times. We are aware, however, that there may be applications that are still outstanding. SSAA NSW is now making representations on behalf of members who are still awaiting applications that have been delayed for extended periods of time.

To assist our members in these matters, we require consent and express permission to do so. If you have an outstanding issue that requires SSAA NSW representation, please ensure you provide written consent and an outline of your matter (including name and membership number) via email to SSAA NSW at

SSAA NSW continues to advocate for all members on a variety of issues, however, in the case of an individual, we legally require written consent.

As your Peak Association, we will continue to work with NSW Firearms Registry and advocate for our 59,000 members to ensure that they are not unfairly impacted by application delays.

Lance Miller
President, SSAA NSW

Jai Rowell
CEO / Executive Director, SSAA NSW

Lance Miller is the President of SSAA NSW.