National Firearms Amnesty

SSAA NSW has conducted long-term advocacy with regards to a Firearms Amnesty program. We are pleased to announce that our advocacy has been successful.

A permanent, National Firearms Amnesty has been announced, commencing 1 July 2021. If you have an unregistered or unwanted firearm, this is an opportunity to hand it in without penalty.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott said the introduction of a permanent national amnesty sends a clear message that community safety is paramount: “This new permanent amnesty will allow community members to surrender for destruction unwanted or unregistered firearms and ammunition cost free.”

The amnesty provides protection from prosecution where a person is in possession of an unregistered firearm for the purpose of handing it in. Please note: You must not turn up unexpectedly with a firearm. Contact the police station or dealership in advance to arrange a drop off time.

The process in NSW is as follows:

  • Contact your nearest police station or licensed firearm dealer prior to surrendering your firearm, firearm part or ammunition Please note, not all dealers will participate in the amnesty (refer to the links below to find participating dealers).
  • When surrendering a firearm, make sure the firearm is unloaded and where possible, remove the bolt or other method to render the firearm safe.
  • Your firearm should be placed in a gun bag or be wrapped in a blanket prior to taking it to a participating licensed dealer or to a police station.
  • Ammunition can be taken to a participating licensed dealer or to a police station at the same time as your firearm but should be in a separate bag, box or container.
  • You will receive a digital receipt for surrendering an unregistered firearm to a licensed firearms dealer or an “unconditional surrender form” if you surrender an unregistered firearm to a police station.

Click here to find a licensed firearm dealer or click here to find your nearest police station in NSW.

There is no cost involved with handing in firearms for destruction. If, however, you wish to register or sell an unlicensed firearm during the amnesty (please note, this can only be done via a licenced firearms dealer), there may be costs involved.

Click here for more information:

As your Peak Association we will continue to advocate for our 59,000 members and provide an effective and credible voice on behalf of all legal firearms owners.

Thank you,

Lance Miller – President, SSAA NSW
Jai Rowell – CEO/Executive Director, SSAA NSW

SSAA NSW is the peak body dedicated to promoting, protecting and preserving the shooting sports in New South Wales.